About Club Teamwork

Hello and welcome to the Teamwork Cast's internet portal. Everything you see here is devoted to helping each other out and working as a team.

You will also find a collection of podcasts that will help you out when you are bored, need help, or need some information. Do you have a podcast you'd like us to add to the site? E-Mail teamworkcast@googlemail.com with some basic info about your podcast as well as why you think it would make an excellent addition to the site!

Club Teamwork (though the name may change) is a place to wander around and meet other people. In the Hunting Parties, you will see where other people and when other people will be playing the games you enjoy (Monster Hunter, Lost Planet 2, etc). In addition, though not yet implemented, you can ask the team questions and read through questions that have already been asked. Would you like to assemble a hunting party? Create an account and start one up! We're here to help you find others who have similar interests to your own!

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The TeamworkCast is


Michael "Shepard" Crutchfield is the creator of hundreds of Monster Hunter tutorials, let's plays, and a year's worth of Monster Hunter video podcasts. He received his MA in Economics from Trinity College, and a BA in Political Science and Sociology from UConn. When he isn't spending time making sure people get decent interest rates on their loans, he enjoys logging long hours into mathematically rich video games. Outside of video games, his interests are in economic and political affairs, cooking, and spending time with his wife Jen.


Nick "Putty" LaLone is the comedic relief for the Monster Hunter Podcast. He obtained his MA in Sociology in 2012 from Texas State University-San Marcos and will hopefully be pursuing his PhD in the Fall of 2013. His interests include race, class, and gender issues that manifest in video gaming; the gamer stereotype; middle eastern politics; and all manner of things related to the impact of technology. Nick and his wife Kristen often spend time with their cats Joe and Bob who make occasional appearances on the Monster Hunter Podcast (whether he likes it or not).


Krystian Majewski is an independent game designer and lecturer at the Cologne Game Lab in Germany, Krystian met Social Dissonance through Putty when Krystian began talking about Monster Hunter with a friend of the podcast - The Brainy Gamer. Krystian revealed to Putty and Shepard that he is a master orater and has hosted the Monster Hunter Podcast since its infancy. The potions Krystians drink each podcast are a symbol of quality. All who imbibe the potion of Krystian will receive at least 5 years of pretty decent luck.


Alex Han is a mysterious University of Maryland student who won the hearts of Shepard and Putty through their forever absent friend, Dongs. A self-proclaimed master of dedonging, Alex is working working on his BS in Cell Biology and Genetics. The enigmatic force of Alex's alter-ego K.O. Han can sometimes be heard calling into the night. What he calls is not for the faint of heart.


Shane "GamingCthulhu" Banzhaf, our resident Dad and Elder God, appeared one day from out of the shadows. Since that time, despite our best efforts to banish him to the darkness, Cthulhu has become instrumental in maintaining the disparate portions of the Monster Hunter Community that the Teamworkcast touches. You'll find Cthulhu, and his daughter often fighting monsters together on our Twitch.tv channel!