Monster Hunter World

Frinkie invites you to play Monster Hunter Generations (NA/EU)
Starts Jan 27, 2018 18:30
Scheduled for 3 hours.


Hunting after the release.

Meeting Place and Communication

Information on where to meet up is released to Hunting Party members only, 20 minutes before the session begins.

Hunting Party Members

Frinkie Backer

Hunting Party leader.


Joined Jan 5, 2018 17:03

Empty Slot

Empty Slot


Philsaegan Backer - Dec 23, 2017 20:27

I might be there for it. Depends on my schedule

FrostAether - Jan 5, 2018 17:03

has joined the Hunting Party.

FrostAether - Jan 5, 2018 17:04

Hopefully I can join, since it will be in midnight for me

Frinkie Backer - Jan 6, 2018 03:21

What time zone are you in? I will reschedule.