How to easily get Dash Extract for Mega Dash Juice

by MH3U video guides

An updated version of Shepard's familiar Dash Extract farming guide. Things are slightly different this time...

Published: Mar 16, 2013
Views: 5822

Beginner's Guide: Armours, Skills & Decorations

by MH3U video guides

I show making a set, how skill points work, using decorations, elemental resistances and registering a set. This...

Published: Jan 8, 2013
Views: 3545

Episode 1 - Weapons

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

On the first episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast: Weapons. How do the weapons differ from each other? What is a...

Published: Jul 22, 2010
Views: 3127

Heavy Bowgun Crouching Fire glitch guide (Siege Mode)

by MH3U video guides

A tutorial on how to use ALL ammo types in crouching fire mode for ALL Heavy Bowguns. This isn't very legit, but...

Published: May 9, 2013
Views: 3121

Episode 105 - Combover Pompadour Eagle

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

On this episode we are angry. So we let our combover pompadours of rage free and fight some monsters with...

Published: May 24, 2013
Views: 2904

Episode 97 - Ultimate Beginnings

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

On this episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast, we dive deep into Monster Hunter Trultimate with the entire crew....

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Views: 2737

Episode 100 - All of Everything!?

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

Special thanks to Bloodfirewolf for the amazing artwork we used for the thumb for this podcast! You can see more...

Published: Apr 20, 2013
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Event Quest 24 - Overlord Sword (Yaiba) & Tiger Armor

by iCEMANnoob's MH4 Playthrough

SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/HEzrLe SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: http://goo.gl/rCCKwt PLAYLIST:...

Published: Jun 12, 2014
Views: 2503

Lucent Nargacuga guide

by MH3U video guides

How to solo one of the hardest monsters in the game due to his random attack pattern. I'd recommend using the...

Published: Jan 25, 2013
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Easy Sharpness +1 Set for G-Rank (Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate)

by Shepard's MH3U Guides & Tutorials

Just got to G-Rank? Don't want to farm Goldbeard again? Have no qualms with bad fashion? Put together this set...

Published: Mar 28, 2013
Views: 2407

Episode 99 - Bobo BroBrow

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

We team up with Gaming Cthulhu and venture once more into the world of Trultimate. We discuss the current Monster...

Published: Apr 13, 2013
Views: 2311

Episode 19 - Christmas Freedom Unite

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

On the this episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast: Christmas Freedom Unite. As a Christmas surpise we deicded to...

Published: Dec 22, 2010
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by SweetBattleScars' MH Merchandise

Join Battlescars as he does an unboxing of the Monster hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition. BATTLESCARS PLAYS...

Published: Feb 13, 2015
Views: 2240

Episode 139 - Full Evacuation

by Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

We're back and things are changing. There is a new Monster Hunter game. And we're also moving to a different...

Published: Jul 21, 2016
Views: 2227

Expand Pickaxes, Easily Make Money, Daruma Mask, Charm Farming Guide

by MH3U video guides

How to get the rare Expand Pickaxe, make easy money, get a rare mask and efficiently mine for charms.

Published: Oct 7, 2012
Views: 2193