Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

Welcome to the Teamwork Podcast! We are Shepard, naHxelA, Nick and Krystian. We are avid Monster Hunter enthusiasts. And we sometimes play other games too! Good luck, and have a good hunt!

Episodes: 145
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Episode 111 - Who Killed Andy Palmer?

This week, Krystman and Putty are off together in some foreign land discussing the various politically sensitive topics they enjoy. In this...

Published: Jul 14, 2013
Views: 1873

Episode 110 - Cry Freedom

We celebrate America's Independence day with a Brit, a German, and two red blooded Americans filled with hate for Monsters.

Published: Jul 9, 2013
Views: 1307

Episode 109 - Lagi Dick

It happened. After 108 episodes, the monsters have finally responded. They have sent their champion to stop us once for all. His name is...

Published: Jun 28, 2013
Views: 1754

Episode 108 - For Whom the Gong Tolls

In this highly lethal episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast the team discusses the recent information about Monster Hunter 4 and the events...

Published: Jun 21, 2013
Views: 1464

Episode 107 - The Whole Acorn

In this innuendo-filled episode we finally face the legendary Dire Miralis. We dip a little into racing games, making love to little...

Published: Jun 16, 2013
Views: 1538

Episode 106 - Resident Xbox Evil One

We have become the serious cast. We're serious about eggs! In this super serious discussion of the next generation of consoles, it is time...

Published: Jun 8, 2013
Views: 1585

Episode 105 - Combover Pompadour Eagle

On this episode we are angry. So we let our combover pompadours of rage free and fight some monsters with predictably devastating...

Published: May 24, 2013
Views: 2887

Episode 104 - Hunting Smarter with Pellets and Racing

Join us on another episode of the podcast with Krystian, Shepard, Nahxela, and GamingCthulhu. This time, we try to drop more knowledge...

Published: May 20, 2013
Views: 1578

Episode 103 - Re-Mastering the Art of De-Donging

Welcome to the fold, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate fans! Here, we talk about CANDY! Yes, that favorite of Easter and Halloween is back...only...

Published: May 11, 2013
Views: 2163

Episode 102 - Giginox Scrubcast

On this episode of the Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast: we go Giginox hunting and die a lot instead. We are also having the Kelbi Bow talk...

Published: May 4, 2013
Views: 1980

Episode 101 - Learning to Ship Pants

We went through a journey of self-discovery, pushing the limits, and learning to clean up after ourselves. Welcome to episode 101! In this...

Published: Apr 27, 2013
Views: 2159

Episode 100 - All of Everything!?

Special thanks to Bloodfirewolf for the amazing artwork we used for the thumb for this podcast! You can see more of her work (and other...

Published: Apr 20, 2013
Views: 2663

Episode 99 - Bobo BroBrow

We team up with Gaming Cthulhu and venture once more into the world of Trultimate. We discuss the current Monster Hunter reviews that make...

Published: Apr 13, 2013
Views: 2299

Episode 98 - What About a Lawnmower?

This fine, crisp, and new April Day lands us in the all manner of trouble. First, we start out with a Steel Uragaan. Can we escape the...

Published: Apr 4, 2013
Views: 2166

Episode 97 - Ultimate Beginnings

On this episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast, we dive deep into Monster Hunter Trultimate with the entire crew. We discuss our first...

Published: Mar 29, 2013
Views: 2729