My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring hunters out there. We've recently relaunched the podcast with MH4U (fashionably late, as always!). So join us, as we fight our way through the newest generation of Monster Hunter!

Episodes: 98
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My Fair Hunter Episode 105 -- Lizard Sleeves

This week we get things started with a warm up against an onslaught of sharkmen! (Skip ahead to 14:10 for the REAL fights--or as real as...

Published: Nov 19, 2015
Views: 2103

My Fair Hunter Episode 104 -- Q-magin'

It's a very spoooky Halloween edition of My Fair Hunter! We kick things off by donning our costumes and taking on a spooooooooky Khezu!...

Published: Nov 11, 2015
Views: 468

My Fair Hunter Episode 103 -- XXX Vin Diesel Drift

For today's episode, we complete our Gore Magala set--and promptly realize it doesn't give Sharpness+1 like Roy thought. Oops! Next we...

Published: Nov 10, 2015
Views: 354

My Fair Hunter Episode 102 -- Brick with a Jetpack

Our apologies in advance for the low sound of the game audio in today's episode. Roy did't have his volume turned all the way up, so you'll...

Published: Oct 16, 2015
Views: 382

My Fair Hunter Episode 101 -- Telegraph

For episode 101, we get things started with an endurance test of three large monsters! Things go surprisingly smoothly, so we talk about...

Published: Oct 13, 2015
Views: 331

My Fair Hunter Episode 100 -- Monkey Apologist

Itâs finally here, our 100th episode! We warm up on a pair of Iodrome while discussing the food police. Once the episode formally...

Published: Sep 22, 2015
Views: 432

My Fair Hunter Episode 99 -- Larry

This week we get the show started by partying with a Pink Rathian and a Red Khezu. Oh, thanks so much for bringing a plastic barrel filled...

Published: Sep 18, 2015
Views: 388

My Fair Hunter Episode 98 -- Cat Named Duck

This week we start off by battling a Lagombi and an Emerald Congalala that just so happen to be frenzied--Surprise! We also talk about Full...

Published: Sep 3, 2015
Views: 345

My Fair Hunter Episode 97 -- Dog People

On today's episode we give you a behind the scenes look at our intensive warm-up process. It's basically the same as a normal quest but Roy...

Published: Aug 26, 2015
Views: 374

My Fair Hunter Episode 96 -- Butt Sandwich

On today's episode, Sarah achieves HR 5 after we polish off a Pink Rathian. Next we abuse a low rank Rathalos before taking on a duo of...

Published: Aug 20, 2015
Views: 365

My Fair Hunter Episode 95 -- Best Laid Plans

This week we celebrate everyone's favorite holiday: International Cat Day! First we tackle a herd... pack? of felynes in the arena. After...

Published: Aug 17, 2015
Views: 377

My Fair Hunter Episode 94 -- Map Eater

This week we warm up with a duo of Seltas, each taking on our own in a friendly hunting competition! Next, we do battle with a Purple...

Published: Aug 5, 2015
Views: 398

My Fair Hunter Episode 93 -- Slash Through The Dung

On this episode we do some gathering and talk an awful lot about beans. Then we tackle a Zinogre and learn what the red stuff is. Finally,...

Published: Jul 29, 2015
Views: 413

My Fair Hunter Episode 92 -- One More Crab

Hello there! After a long and involved process with setting up to record, we are finally able to revive My Fair Hunter! There were some...

Published: Jul 23, 2015
Views: 449

Episode 86 -- Bird Lips

This week... OUR GUNNER'S GUIDES ARE ON SALE! Check them out: Oh,...

Published: Sep 22, 2013
Views: 1046