My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring hunters out there. We've recently relaunched the podcast with MH4U (fashionably late, as always!). So join us, as we fight our way through the newest generation of Monster Hunter!

Episodes: 98
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Episode 85 -- Brooding Teens

This week we begin our hunts with the tiniest of Uragaans. Afterwards, we take a break from the hunting to discus the developments from...

Published: Sep 16, 2013
Views: 487

Episode 84 -- The Lawnmower Man

After a solid day of grinding out Hunter King Coins for Sarah's Strider set, we've become quite skilled at clearing Challenge Quest 02...

Published: Sep 5, 2013
Views: 532

Episode 83 -- Eat in the Shade

After discovering that Sarah doesn't have a full set of Armor/Power/Talon/Charms, we embark on an episode devoted to slaying Deviljho. ...

Published: Sep 3, 2013
Views: 527

Episode 82 -- Angry Hand

For episode 82, we work on crafting Sarah's Strider armor by earning some Hunter King Coins and Conquerer's Seals. Here is a link to the...

Published: Aug 31, 2013
Views: 475

Episode 81 -- The Second Coming

As we busily put the final touches on our upcoming Gunner guides, Sarah sits this episode out and Joel takes her place. Together Joel and...

Published: Aug 31, 2013
Views: 383

Episode 80 -- Party Crasher

This week we invite the soothing voice of Niric from Club1kjho to join us in some G-Rank hunts. Sarah and Niric best a Green Plesioth and...

Published: Aug 1, 2013
Views: 832

Episode 79 -- Welcome to G-Rank

This week a couple special guests help Sarah finally enter into the G-Rank club. Afterwards, Roy introduces Sarah to a rather unusual...

Published: Jul 23, 2013
Views: 621

Episode 78 -- Sarah's Being-on-fire Set

This week Roy and Sarah feed our hungry Shakalakas and battle our way to unlocking Sarah's urgent quest. We take on a pair of Sand...

Published: Jul 10, 2013
Views: 698

Episode 77 -- Earf Ells

This week the My Fair Hunter duo tackle the different Challenge Quests in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. After S-Ranked glory in the arena,...

Published: Jul 2, 2013
Views: 644

Episode 76 -- Fight Through the Poop

****************************************************************************** *Today's Culty advertisement is for our Ultimate Comrade...

Published: Jun 25, 2013
Views: 584

Episode 75 -- Fabulous Jho

This week Sarah and Roy both hunt with special guest Lauren Wainwright. Together we clear another one of Sarah's ket quests and finally...

Published: May 29, 2013
Views: 1101

Episode 74 -- You Owe Me

This week Sarah unlocks her HR 5 urgent and we discuss Nintendo's stance on Let's Plays. At the time we thought the fallout from...

Published: May 29, 2013
Views: 518

Episode 73 -- Stop, Drop, And Roll

This week Sarah and I get our revenge on the Brachdios. Are our malice filled hearts enough to take down this explosive beast? Then,...

Published: May 16, 2013
Views: 985

Episode 72 -- Brachydios Me

This week Sarah takes on the Brachydios with her new Plesioth Dual Blades. When things BLOW UP (get it?!????), we decide to take on a few...

Published: May 8, 2013
Views: 1078

Episode 71 -- Monster She Wrote

This week Sarah works on upgrading a new pair of Dual Blades by slaying a couple Rathian. Then we unlock her Urgent by putting a Plesioth...

Published: May 8, 2013
Views: 486