My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring hunters out there. We've recently relaunched the podcast with MH4U (fashionably late, as always!). So join us, as we fight our way through the newest generation of Monster Hunter!

Episodes: 98
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Episode 21 -- Co-op Carnival

This week I had a bunch of Monster Hunting action recorded so I put together some of our more interesting clips for episode 21. First is a...

Published: Jan 16, 2012
Views: 282

Episode 20 -- Lagiacrus Revenge

he past week Sarah spent in deep meditation under a waterfall, focusing her mind like a prison shank on her new sworn enemy: the Lagiacrus....

Published: Jan 9, 2012
Views: 310

Episode 08 -- Fun With Local Arena Co-op

For this episode, we were once again on the road at a web comics convention in Connecticut's deep south. That got me thinking: when normal...

Published: Jan 8, 2012
Views: 297

Episode 04 -- Offline + Farming Basics

As Sarah has been pushing forward in Monster Hunter Tri's village quests I decided it was fitting to have an episode devoted to the...

Published: Jan 8, 2012
Views: 287

Episode 10 -- The Barroth-mitzvah

The time for Sarah's first advancement quest has arrived. And so she must face the Barroth, a monster notorious for giving newcomers a run...

Published: Jan 8, 2012
Views: 315

Episode 09 -- Learning to Lance

Sarah's mastery of the weapons in Monster Hunter Tri continues with the lance. This weapon is extremely versatile, allowing for great...

Published: Jan 8, 2012
Views: 334

Episode 07 -- King of the Pride

The time has come for Sarah to face her next challenge in Monster Hunter Tri (which we teased at a bit in episode 05). That's right: the...

Published: Jan 8, 2012
Views: 319

Episode 02 -- Great Jaggi Revenge!

Can you believe it's already been a week since our first episode?! Everyone has been very supportive of the project and for that I thank...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 412

Episode 01 -- Sword & Shield + Gathering Basics

The day has finally arrived! Episode 01 of My Fair Hunter is live, so... why are you reading this? Watch it! I became engrossed in...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 527

Episode 11 -- Eggs and Baggi

Now that Sarah has finished her first advancement quest, it's back to the grind. In this episode Sarah learns how to complete delivery...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 317

Episode 13 -- Stop, Hammer Time

This week I teach Sarah to use my favorite weapon: the hammer! After going through the finer points of clobbering monsters on the head, we...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 321

Episode 12 -- Gobul Gobble

Yesterday, after nearly a full week in the dark, power was restored to the My Fair Hunter headquarters! Again, our apologies for the lack...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 313

Episode 06 -- Monster Hunter The Real

Hello again from Japan! The My Fair Hunter team has been here for about a week on vacation taking a much needed break from working,...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 332

Episode 05 -- Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

For this episode we try our hand at one of the easier event quests available. As promised, those looking for a complete list of event...

Published: Jan 7, 2012
Views: 346

Episode 19.5 -- Holiday Special

The holidays have come and gone here at the My Fair Hunter headquarters. We took a week off but just couldn't stay away from hunting...

Published: Jan 3, 2012
Views: 302