My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring hunters out there. We've recently relaunched the podcast with MH4U (fashionably late, as always!). So join us, as we fight our way through the newest generation of Monster Hunter!

Episodes: 98
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Episode 19 -- Lagi and Cookies

Ringing in the new year, Sarah attempts to tackle both the online and offline Lagiacrus advancement quests. First she will attempt to...

Published: Jan 3, 2012
Views: 315

Published: Dec 19, 2011
Views: 339

Episode 17 -- Dunkeroos (advancement prep)

This week we are gearing up for Sarah's next advancement quest, which requires us to do some grinding for materials. Along the way we...

Published: Dec 13, 2011
Views: 317

Episode 16 -- Funpedos

It's another week which means more relatively innocent monsters must be ruthlessly hunted down and beaten into submission. To even the...

Published: Dec 5, 2011
Views: 351

Episode 03 -- Qurupeco Song and Dance

The next weapon in our training regime is the Great Sword. What monster better to test it against than a bird with a bad attitude and a...

Published: Dec 2, 2011
Views: 401

Episode 15 -- Offline Endeavors

This week we return to Sarah's offline Monster Hunter Tri experience for her three-star urgent quest. She also tests her hammer skills...

Published: Nov 28, 2011
Views: 378

Episode 14 - you twins (Rathian Revenge)

After her defeat at the hands of a Rathian, Sarah spent the past week training rigorously in a virtual-reality-monster-hunting-environment...

Published: Nov 22, 2011
Views: 649

Episode 00 -- Project Trailer

The My Fair Hunter podcast is now live! You can check it out at our Tumblr: Song: Miami Showdown...

Published: Jul 13, 2011
Views: 584