My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring hunters out there. We've recently relaunched the podcast with MH4U (fashionably late, as always!). So join us, as we fight our way through the newest generation of Monster Hunter!

Episodes: 98
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My Fair Hunter Episode 105 -- Lizard Sleeves

This week we get things started with a warm up against an onslaught of sharkmen! (Skip ahead to 14:10 for the REAL fights--or as real as...

Published: Nov 19, 2015
Views: 2103

Episode 67 -- Tanzia Chip Panic

Itís our first outing in the wonderful world of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate! Sarah takes on a Lagombi, gets refresher on Great Sword, gets...

Published: Mar 27, 2013
Views: 1202

Episode 70 -- Micro Mayhem

Today we show off one of the quests we were able to download early from the Monster Hunter Mayhem event last week at the Nintendo World...

Published: Apr 21, 2013
Views: 1147

Episode 75 -- Fabulous Jho

This week Sarah and Roy both hunt with special guest Lauren Wainwright. Together we clear another one of Sarah's ket quests and finally...

Published: May 29, 2013
Views: 1101

Episode 72 -- Brachydios Me

This week Sarah takes on the Brachydios with her new Plesioth Dual Blades. When things BLOW UP (get it?!????), we decide to take on a few...

Published: May 8, 2013
Views: 1078

Episode 60 -- Learning to Bow

This week we introduce two new monsters: Lagombi and Zinogre! The Lagombi has sensitive ears and loves throwing snowballs. The Zinogre is...

Published: Jan 28, 2013
Views: 1058

Episode 86 -- Bird Lips

This week... OUR GUNNER'S GUIDES ARE ON SALE! Check them out: Oh,...

Published: Sep 22, 2013
Views: 1046

Episode 73 -- Stop, Drop, And Roll

This week Sarah and I get our revenge on the Brachdios. Are our malice filled hearts enough to take down this explosive beast? Then,...

Published: May 16, 2013
Views: 985

Episode 69 -- Incredible Spider Mask

For Episode 69 Sarah checks off the remainder of her one-star quests, including defeating a Gobul and gathering some mushrooms. Then we...

Published: Apr 9, 2013
Views: 882

Episode 64 -- Demo Time

This week's episode features footage from the recently released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo. We begin with a brief introduction to the...

Published: Mar 2, 2013
Views: 880

Episode 63 -- Poisoned In Pink

This week we continue to examine some of the subspecies you can look forward to seeing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. We begin with one of...

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Views: 840

Episode 80 -- Party Crasher

This week we invite the soothing voice of Niric from Club1kjho to join us in some G-Rank hunts. Sarah and Niric best a Green Plesioth and...

Published: Aug 1, 2013
Views: 832

Episode 61 -- Ending the Drought and Learning to Gunlance

Happy Monday! This week we learn about the most explosive returning weapon in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: the Gunlance! We also face off...

Published: Feb 5, 2013
Views: 830

Episode 68 -- Shroom Charge

This week we continue to dabble in the online world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. We cut our teeth in the arena, take on some familiar...

Published: Apr 4, 2013
Views: 810

Episode 59 -- Horizontal Binks

I hope you guys are ready, because today's episode will knock your socks off! It contains a number of changes and ideas we cooked up...

Published: Jan 21, 2013
Views: 808