Shepard's MH3U Guides & Tutorials

An assortment of the weapon tutorials and guides I've made for MH3U. By the end I'll have worked out the best combos and armor skills for...

Episodes: 8
Views: 10865

Benster's MH3U Playthrough

A playthrough of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo Wii U by Benster, with commentary.

Episodes: 39
Views: 9512

Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast

Welcome to the Teamwork Podcast! We are Shepard, naHxelA, Nick and Krystian. We are avid Monster Hunter enthusiasts. And we sometimes play...

Episodes: 145
Views: 164242

Lost Planet Two!

Nick, Shepard and Krystian play Lost Planet 2.

Episodes: 38
Views: 19761

My Fair Hunter

My Fair Hunter is a fan-made Monster Hunter podcast. The goal of the show is to provide both hunting tips and entertainment to all aspiring...

Episodes: 98
Views: 46718

MH3U video guides

A selection of various guides for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate by iCEMANnoob. Directly recorded from a real 3DS.

Episodes: 50
Views: 58003

Casual Hunters Podcast

Episodes: 16
Views: 7974

Hunting with Friends

Hunting with Friends is a Monster Hunter Fontier Podcast group that discuss Monster Hunter news, casual things, off-topic items, and more...

Episodes: 41
Views: 23210

MH3U Walkthrough with Sketch

So as stated in the video this series is going to work a little bit differently than most walkthroughs. I will just be focusing on hunting...

Episodes: 65
Views: 22303

Dark Souls with Sketch!

Well pain and rage will ensue I'm sure...

Episodes: 39
Views: 11059