Naynay - Apr 26, 2013 14:58

Bowgun Normal Shots question

Hi there! I'm pretty new to using the bowgun, and took a real liking to it.

So here is my question, sometimes when using LVL3 Normal shots, it hits several times just like Piercing bullets do.

So I was wondering if it's random like how crits occurs when you've got some affinity, or is it because of aiming at specific parts of the monster...???

Thanks in advance!

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Gamepsych - Apr 26, 2013 16:40

Normal S 3 do act like pierce in a way. They bounce. You'll see multiple hits when they bounce and hit another part of the monster, but if they bounce off in a direction that there is no hit box you'll get nothing. Each hit is slightly weaker than that of a Normal S 2 but if you get multiple hits you'll do more damage than a Normal S 2.

Source if you want more information:

To my knowledge it's the most current bowgun damage information. If it's changed since Tri I'm unaware of the change.

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CrazyYanmegaDo the other levels of Normal Shot act this way as well? If so, it may have been more accurate to name it Ricochet Shot. Do any other shots, such as Elemental Shot, act this way as well?

Apr 26, 2013 17:59

GamepsychAs far as I know all elemental shots act similar to Normal S 2 and only Normal S 3 bounces. 2 and 1 are single hits.

Apr 26, 2013 18:02

NaynayThank you very much for your very clear, and easy to understand answer. I didn't expect the shot to ricochet ha ha! Guess I'll have to experiment which spots are the best then!

Apr 26, 2013 19:32