Ceric Backer - Apr 29, 2013 14:32

Poison Status Effect more Technical Explanation

I know this is somewhere and I went searching for it this weekend but my Google-Fu has failed me. Now to the actual Question.

Poison. It is a status effect and I know Status Effects have a threshold that needs to be crossed for them to be applied. That is how they work. Now I like to define some things to keep this a little bit less confusing.

Uptime: Time the Poison is effecting the Monster
Poison Damage (Psn Dmg): Damage the Poison itself does per Tick
Poison Threshold: The point that a Monster becomes Poisoned.
DPS: Damage Per Second
DOT: Damage Over TIme. Damage that ticks independent of hits after being applied over a time period.

Now lets compare two weapons. I'll take 2 extremes from the same tree for this.

Bloodwings 182 raw 160 Poison
Grimmest Naxwings 322 raw 320 Poison

Now I know that Grimmest Naxwings should reach the Poison Threshold twice as fast as Bloodwings. Which in theory would mean more Uptime which in turn would mean more DoT Ticks. Is Poison Damage itself Greater for the Grimmest Naxwings then the Bloodwings or is it just more Uptime? Am I totally off base and is Psn Dmg calculated using Raw instead? Is it just a flat value per Tick set on the Monster?

What I would like the answer to be is that not only does Grimmest Noxwing apply the Poison faster it also ticks for twice the damage of the Bloodwings. (Yes, I picked those two to make the poison exactly double.)

I'm afraid that won't be the case and it will be a flat value meaning that it doesn't scale like Paralyzes. Their is a finite uptime for all Statusses but Poison is the only one that can get close to 100% on a Monster (Not all just some). Making a possible scaling problem. Compare that to Paralyzes which you can't get even close to 100% Uptime with any monster (At least I haven't seen it. I mean maybe a Low Rank G.Jaggi w/ a G Rank Para weapon.) so the more it applies to reach the threshold the more time it becomes paralyzed etc etc.

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Skaytr - Apr 29, 2013 17:22

Poisoning a Monsters always does a set amount of damage per infliction (uptime). Some monsters, Like the Zinogre, stay poisened for a long time, and have little tolerence increase between each uptime. This means that the poison will do quite allot of DOT. Some monsters are particualarly weak to poison, but dosnt last quite as long, EG, black diablos. This will do more DPS and DOT than other monsters, but youl find yourself inflicting the poison effect more frequently compared to a zingore.

So basicaly, once the Threshold of poison is reached, it dosnt matter what value of poison your wep' has, it will always do the same damage to the monster.

An easier way to think of status effect is to look at sleep or paralysis. None of those do damage, and each effect varies in length and tolerence from monster to monster, but once the effect is active, it will always be the same.

Having a higher sleep, Poison, or paralysis, Even Slime (not status but same effect), will just make it much faster to inflict the effect.

Keep in mind that a status value on a monster will decrease over time. For example, if you have unleashed a combo with grim nox wings , and saw quite a llot of poison hits, but didnt activate the poison effect and then waited 5 minutes, the poison value built up in the monster would have reached 0 and youl have to make allot more poison hits to make up for the drop.

I hope thats not to confusing haha :D

P.S , The reason why Paralysis dosn't last very long compared to poison, is because it completely freezes the monster, making certain parts like the head or tail extremely vulnerable for a short period of time. this can make tail-slicing waaaay easier in a group of 3 or 4. Paralysis is kind of lame solo.

Sleep is always nice for GS charge or bombing horns etc.. First hit on a monster that is asleep will do 3X damage.

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CericI figured it worked that way. I was hoping it be a special case since its so different then the other status that just put the monster in a stopped state. The point of putting in the Para part of the discussion was that Unlike Poison you can never just keep a monster Para the whole time. That would be game breaking. To that effect though it leaves room that even having a team of people with the highest actual para rate in the game would completely lock a monster so their isn't a top end.

Apr 29, 2013 17:40

SkaytrIve hunted on Tri with 4 Para weps in a team, even against gobul its pretty much para-locked :) only takes 1 or 2 more combos to go back into a para state :P

Poison is always kind of tricky, because if you can hit the monster enough to inflict poison all the time, why not use an elemental wep that its weak to? :P

I almost always use noxwings on B Blos though. Coz he can be kinda hard to hit consistently, but when hes stuck digging or flashed etc, you can keep him poisoned while he is enraged,.

Apr 29, 2013 17:55

CericYeah, I like to use Poison as a way to keep uptime on some of the harder to Dual Sword monsters. Like the Really Tall mobile ones.

Apr 29, 2013 19:35

MagnusDyou could use slime and knock it over more often, thus increasing you damage to it's high up weakspots, plus the damage slime does. poison is never really that good, and value goes down the shorter the fight is.

May 2, 2013 21:36