VFlash Backer - May 1, 2013 11:34

Maze's Elemental Maniac Set

Maze's set, which is as follows:
Magus Lamp (2 x +1 Speed Fire, 1 x Evade)
Blango X (+3 Evade)
Blango X (+3 Evade)
Shinobi Heaven (+4 Speed Fire) Blango X (+3 Evade) Butterfly/Obituary X (+4 Speed Fire).
Is widely regarded as one of the best sets for the BG in the game, however, it requires Shinobi Heaven gauntlets (G-Rank Fatalis) are there any parts that could be used as a substitute for this? I don't mind just dropping one skill or so, but anyway, I'm waffling on. Can anyone help?
Many thanks.

Best Answer

Berkel - May 1, 2013 13:44

Shinobi Heaven needs High Rank Fatalis stuff, not G rank. So if you can take on High Rank Fatty you're good (hell, it's normal Fatty, if you're gunning it there's no way you can die unless you make terrible mistakes, even on G Rank).

Even without Fatalis materials a set with Element Attack Up, Evade+2 and Auto-Reload is easily done (assuming you're using the Magus Lamp or any other 3 slot weapon).
A search in Athena's A.S.S. without any Fatalis stuff (and Continuous Fire jewels because they either need Fatty stuff or Rathian Plates) gives me 161 options.
Sorting on highest base defense gives us:
Kirin Horn X
Gravios Vest Z
Narga Guards X
Kirin Shorts X
Kaiser Leggings X
2x Barrage Jewel
3x Dodge Jewel
1x Element Jewel
1x Evade Jewel

Sorting by rarity gives us:
Blango Cap Z
Narga Vest X
Blango Guards Z
Velociprey Coat S (or anything with Torso Inc)
Ioprey Leggings S (or anything with Torso Inc)
1x Barrage Jewel
1x Element Jewel+
1x Dodge Jewel
2x Element Jewel
As the least rare option.

Of course I can't guarantee you won't look like a clown, nor can I help you with farming Lg Lobstershells for Dodge Jewels, but it's definitely possible to make a bootleg Elemental Maniac set.

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