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OmegaGamer - Jan 28, 2013 21:08

What am I doing wrong with Alatreon?

Ok, so I'm trying to get my HR 50 Urgent done. But I can't beat him. Either we all die, or we die twice and abandon. What am I doing wrong?

Here's my stats;
-Full Lagiacrus Armor (upgraded Low Rank set), maximum defense
-Charm: Expert +7 Heat +10
-Skills: Element Attack Up, Attack Up (S), Critical Eye +1, Olympic Swimmer, Razor Sharp, Status Down, Heat Cancel Low

I'm using the Sabertooth (G) lance, but I'm not a great lancer. I mainly use SnS. But the only two I would use on him (Narboseche and Morpheus Knife) still need Bird Wyvern Gems and Barioth Claw+'s to upgrade them.

I bring;
-Mega Potions
-3 Lifepowders
-BBQ Spit
-Raw Meat
-Smoke Bomb (to give me set-up time in the beginning)
-Flash Bombs
-Hunting Horn (to lure him into charging the wall so that his head gets stuck)
-Adamant Seeds
-Might Seeds
-Dragonfell Berries
-Bombs (if sleep bombing)
*Note that with Heat Cancel Low, I don't need Cool Drinks in the Sacred Land

Can you guys please help me out here? Please tell me what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to change. Different weapon class/armor? Any and all ideas are welcome. Any tips for fighting him are also appreciated.

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MagnusD - Feb 2, 2013 23:45

if you want to use a lance go with agna low for sure, you can gem in bombadier and speed setup if someone else is sleep bombing easily. use the agna high if you have the gems to gem in something more useful than guard up.
if you just want to kill him make a sleep bombing set that can shoot decent cluster 2 and make everyone make the same set, you don't even need to upgrade the weapon since cluster's damage is always the same regardless of weapon damage.
here's my recommendation:
blizzard frame/rathling gun barrel/agnablaster stock
if you don't mind having one less cluster and want to have a shield to block just substitute any barrel with at least "reduced" deviation that has a shield (the jhen barrel recommended above is an excellent choice).
for armor set something like this:
**edit: my link seemed to fail after a while so i'll just tell what the armor is
Full Uragaan Gunner +
gem in status attack up using at least one 2 slot +3 status gem
try to get precision +10 or +8/9 with a slot talisman
you get all the skills you'd want including bombadier and if you use 2 status jewels you can even get def up m with no slow eater **

you don't really need the precision (especially if your barrel is "reduced+" deviation) so don't stress if you can get it, it helps, but not neccessary. you also might want to go with defense up large there.
do the sleep bombing with barrel bomb +, all of your guys doing it, it'll be almost dead if you detonate correctly... then just take it easy and cluster it's wings till it dies (should be fast). know that you can bring materials for 55 cluster 2 total, 18 sleep level 2, and 22 sleep level 1, 12 BBL+ as well. use the speed combo to make them on the fly. this is an excellent way to contribute to an alatreon kill even if the other people aren't bombing, which they should be if you tell them to bring bombs. also if the thing doesn't get wounded past it's flight phase with the bombing, if you're using the rathling barrel you'll have rapid fire shots and dragon for when it's in the air. Basically, with this setup, you don't stop being the shiz. Good luck.

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Ares - Jan 28, 2013 21:26

I'd like to hope that you just accidentally left cool drinks off of the list... those are a given. The Hunting Horn is useless against him, but if you like, demon horns and armor horns may do you some good.
Also, the lagiacrus armor isn't fantastic IMO. Since you have the barioth lance, I would recommend farming up Agnaktor+ and getting his full armor set. It's the best lancing set in the game (unless you are going for evasion lancing) and it's considered one of the most effective ways to go in after ala without any sort of Cheese-kill (SB/Clust) techniques. Those techniques are geared more towards farming for rare items, or just gaining levels the cheap and easy way.
Over all, I would either just practice and get better at it until you can finally take him down, or work towards Agna+ armor.
Hope this helps!

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Philsaegan Backer - Jan 28, 2013 23:00

I have no clue what you are doing wrong or right. It is very hard to determine that just from text.

Regardless, it is always best to use the weapon you are comfortable with. In a sense, your damage output will be worse when you use a weapon you are unfamiliar with than the output from the weapon you know how to use.

As for armor, Ares' suggestion of the Agnaktor (high or low) armor is always good to go for if you are going to Lance. Guard+2 and Guard Boost allow you to block every attack.
Lagiacrus armor might be useful for bowgunners and for the high resistance in Thunder. However, since Alatreon changes element weakness depending on Ground/Flight mode, your Elemental Attack Up might be wasted.

For items, Hunting Horn is not necessary since Alatreon frequently charges anyway. Instead of BBQ and Raw Steak, bring (Mega) Dash Juice since it increases the stamina gauge AND gives infinite stamina. Bring combo books with material to make more Mega Potions. Cleansers might be nice.

Somewhat of a relevant "Ask A Hunter" topic discussed about being prepared to fight Alatreon.

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Lagiman - Jan 29, 2013 04:46

First off, at least for blademaster, never use lagi armor against ala. His fire will toast you asap, and I think you get dragon and ice damage too. Lances can be great, but unless you have guard +1 or +2, your biggest advantage, blocking, is severely reduced. Also, Id recommend never gemming in heat cancel, it wastes slots when you can just use cool drinks.

Also, you have too many random skills. Focus with your slots on a couple of full skills, not bits and pieces.

On to armor. I use Uragaan +. It has great fire and thunder resistance, and I dont remember about dragon or ice. The armor already gives you defense up, but you can gem it to Def up large easy. I also added more thunder resistance and evasion to my set.

For items, just bring 10 honey, 10 pots, 10 herbs and blue mushrooms, 10 well done steaks or energy drinks, 5 cool drinks, and maybe some blight seeds for dragonblight. Also bring armortalon &charm, as well as powertalon and charm. Lifepowder are a must as well. Optional items would be flash bombs for only when he's in flight mode, and something I would recommend also is a few max potions for those panic moments.

One thing to note: its hard and long to kill ala with just blademasters unless you are all extremely polished and upgraded. This usually doesn't happen and you'll get a few new people. Sometimes you'll win, others you wont, making it hard to complete your urgent. The most recommended and easy thing to do is to get 2 sleep gunners and sleepbomb ala with barrel bomb +'s. This will kill ala fast and effectively as well as break hard parts. Gl man.

ps- I almost forgot, also bring 10 mega pots. in addition to good def, the ura + has bombadier, which increases your bomb damage, making it the perfect sleepbombing armor.

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ChuckPebble - Jan 29, 2013 15:13

Not gonna say anything about lancing because I'm actually new to it myself, however, I did glance over your item list. Not sure if you knew this or not, but you can carry an Armor Charm and Armor Talon as well as a Power Charm and Power Talon. Its minor to your cause, I'm sure, but they do stack effects.

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Don_Quixote - Jan 29, 2013 01:32

Yeah, I'm not sure why you brought a BBQ Spit and Raw meat, you'd save yourself time and more than a few potions with just Well-Done steaks, which combine into Mega Dash juices.

If you are more comfortable with the SnS use it. Bird gems are a pain but they will save you heartache if you use Nardebosche. Morpheus just isn't effective enough unless everyone brings one.

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vattoMorpheus is amazing! I usually can pull of 3 sleep bombs being the only guy with status weapon. If the battle last longer, a 4th can happen.

Jan 29, 2013 17:03

vattoIn this video I (Cassi) had status up and bombardier. 3rd sleep came before 10 minutes. 4th came near 15.

Jan 29, 2013 17:08

link45 - Jan 29, 2013 14:21

I supose that you can use Yan guan Dao(P) and full maxed rathalos* armour.
instead take energy drinks of raw meat you dont need lances for ala best LS, SnS,and all the better weapon for me is Hammer and HG earplugs

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vatto - Jan 29, 2013 16:54

I'm a big fan of the sns against alatreon. Finish your nardebosche and gem in evasion+1 in your lagi gear. If you can, gem speedsharpen too.
With the sns it's pretty easy to fight. Run behind him, avoid it's tail (you can roll through with evasion), jump to the front of the back leg (it's going to step forward), 2 or 3 strikes and wait for his move. If it's a dragon claw, roll INTO it when you hear the sound. Everything else, just roll away. That's it. When he jumps backwards ALWAYS block. It may or may not be a fireball. Anyway, block if you're in doubt. You can block the explosion, but not the ball itself so position yourself to avoid that.

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critical_chris - Jan 31, 2013 13:10

I had the same problem only i used my rathalos set(low rank)so what I did was I fully upgraded my rathalos armor until it was high rank so i can get good defense and I got the amberslash(barrioth Switch axe)and upgraded it once and my friends helped me and we got done with it in 25 min 1 death

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Brandn3r - Jan 31, 2013 20:20

I would recommend that you cook your meat ahead of time so you don't waste your time not attacking her. The horn isn't too much of an essential item for the fight just make sure your hunting party knows what your trying to do. The element attack up is great for the Sabertooth but is only going to be very effective when he's flying... Like others have said, the Agnaktor set is great for Ala but you can do it with any set really. Make sure your group is well equipped as you are and never stop attacking!

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OmegaGamerBrandon3r, on the ground the Alatreon's biggest weakness is ice.

Jan 31, 2013 20:28

MagnusDit's dragon that's less useful unless it's flying, unfortunately

Feb 3, 2013 18:22

Mack - Feb 1, 2013 00:10

I would suggest using demondrug and armorskin drinks instead of the seeds because they last until you die and have more of a boost. also bringing resources for more potions and mega potions is a great advantage. Getting better armor would help as well. Also I would suggest against flash bombs because he still attacks you basically the same flashed or otherwise. Also a good team is mandatory.

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Don_QuixoteThe flash bombs are to knock him out of the air, not to blind him. It's all about your own damage output!

Feb 1, 2013 01:35

OXGScorpion - Feb 1, 2013 02:38

I'd go with Lagi+ over regular and people will call me crazy XD but I've also go with Los+ and get Critical eye +3 with the Sabertooth (G) and add a turtle jewel to the lance to get rid of the def down. If your doing a sb run Uraggan+ with status effect up bari frame jhen barrel and agi stock. bring plenty of cools if needed herbs potions mega potions max potion ancient potions stuff to make more max and ancient potions mega demondrugs, armorskins, and dash juice.armor charms and tallon power charm and talon (talons if you did jho event at 31+) lifepowder flash are optional if you are good with them when hes in the air bounce bombs and/or(+) optional plenty of whetstones of course. use the environment he can get stuck on the 2 platforms only once but still good to get on the take a break heal up or just need a beather if hes on the other side of the feild and they are still there.
You wont need the bbq spit and raw meat safe place to cook is in camp but you'll be wasting time just bring cooked meat dash juice or mega dash juice.

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Don_QuixoteGood lord dat punctuation.

Feb 1, 2013 03:09

MagnusDyou don't have enough space for all that healing unless you skimp on materials for putting the thing to sleep and bombs, which are you primary goal. shouldn't need to heal too much, especially with the guns we're mentioning the range you can stay at is huge, getting hit should be rare.

Feb 3, 2013 18:21

ProFro - Feb 3, 2013 18:04

Im hr 149 so I just r@pe :s

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Don_QuixoteThat is entirely non-constructive. Why would you post that? You make panda sad...

Feb 4, 2013 10:46