Styrka - Jun 2, 2013 21:08

How do I 'Gunner'?

Hello my fellow Hunters! I've a serious question for you all, for once. It is that, in the beginning of MH3U, I was determined to use only the Bow for some reason. It became apparent that underwater, that wasn't happening. So I moved to the LBG and HBG recently, only both of those have a hard time putting out enough damage, as demonstrated nicely by my 40 minute High Rank Rathian runs. Sigh.

So, is it just that Range Weapons are doomed to do poorly unless in a group, or am I doing something wrong? I understand that they can do really well, when you use the Bows abnormally high amounts of element damage or get 2 or three multipliers for normal, crouching shots, but are there some additional tricks I can use?



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DetectiveJacks - Jun 3, 2013 01:36

I find that the bow is difficult to use solo, but I use light and heavy bowguns all the time solo. There isn't really any one trick that you can use to suddenly get good with a weapon, you just need to stick with it and see what works for you. If you really want to stick with the bowgun, just experiment with it and see what you come up with.

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MagnusD - Jun 4, 2013 07:20

are you in g-rank? if so try using full niblesnarf and the lagombi heavy bowgun "sphescine god" that you can make only in g-rank that can't be upgraded for a fantastic and extremely easy to make pierce setup. you can replace the legs for diablos and gem back in quick sheathe with a single gem to have tons of slots (as you don't really need reload +2 with this gun). eventually in g-rank the nargacuga line of heavy bowguns outclasses the sphescine god but not by much.
in high rank full diablos s or agnaktor s + the barioth line of lbgs was incredibly OP, narga lbg does the trick later on as well, but it has slightly worse clips and removing the limiter will remove that tasty rapid slicing shot. pierce does ALOT more damage than normal unless you really know what you're doing with normal 3, so pierce is usually the best way to go. rapid element and normal 2 can do the trick but do take alot longer to kill enemies. when using low power pierce and normal shots having combo pro on your armor set lets you make tons of pierce 1 and 2 shots so you can be rather trigger happy and not worry about running out of shots and ending up with only normal 2 (qq). that combo pro trick works good for having more than enough slicing shots to take off tails as well, especially with rapid fire slicing. Also, if you're using pierce feel free to eat for felyne temper, it causes bullets to curve, sure, but they only reallystart curving at around optimal range so the shots are still pretty much straight until you're at the point where you're not doing the right amount of damage anyways. To help you stay in optimal range and out of trouble, especially with hbg, evade distance up kicks surrious ass.

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