SHIDDDD - Jan 29, 2013 22:35

Any tips or suggested sets for beating the high rank double Tigrex quest?

I've recently been struggling with the single player double tigrex quest on unite... Any tips or suggested sets I should use? I only have 2 decent sets: set 1. cenataur+ with attack up m, sharpness +1 and sharpness skl inc. With the narga longsword (although I'm trying to make the lance and gunlance) and set 2. Narga set with evade dist. up, constitution and the thunderspear. Thanks in advance!!

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JHOnathan - Jan 29, 2013 22:48

I used Deathstench S and the White Cat Hammer for that quest, it has great attack power and and high paralysis element as well. The paralysis should give you enough time to get two triple pounds on. Then comes the flash bombs and traps. Spam mercilessly with them till one dies, then kill the other in the same manner. I suggest farcasting as soon as the quest begins and waiting in area 1 with a pitfall and bomb waiting. That is one of the only areas where you can out down a pitfall, and it's great for bombing too! I hope this helped.

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SHIDDDDThanks! I'll get on making that set now :3

Jan 29, 2013 23:25

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Kushala_Daora - Jan 30, 2013 00:06

I used Cenataur S set with tranq guru gemmed in. Try to get True Devil Slicer and bring materials for shock traps and bring tranq bombs and other usual items PLUS book of combos 1 and 2. Capture both of them and there you go!

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