Styrka - Jun 8, 2013 00:53

How do Elemental Shot Mechanics work?

Hey there! Styrka here.

So, my question today is I'm wondering just how elemental damage for each specific element functions for bow gun shots (I have recently discovered that the crookneck LBG has Water, Thunder and Ice, which is lovely.) I believe back in Tri, they were calculated as percentages from your raw damage, and then some of them acted like pierce shots? I'm not sure that is accurate any longer.

So, someone please let me know -- does an elemental shot carry a set amount of elemental damage no matter the strength of the bow gun, or is there some crazy, Shepsheet calculation I need to know? Lastly, if you know how the different shots act, IE, thunder acts like pierce or something like that, that'd be great to know also and if they have different levels of recoil, etc, etc.

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Philsaegan Backer - Jun 8, 2013 05:31

Elemental shots (Fire, Water, Ice, and Thunder) are now like Normal shots: Just a one-hit damage. Whatever you hit, BAM! and done. (We're ignoring Dragon shots since those act as Pierce lvl3 with 5 hits)

SIngle-hit elemental shots (Fire, Water, Ice, and Thunder) [should] have the same Recoil and Reload speed (not sure what it is).
Dragon shots.... Just assume Pierce lvl3, but lots of elemental damage compared to raw damage.

From what I've been told by others, elemental shots are based on your bowgun's raw power. I assume Attack up will affect the elemental damage; however, Affinity should NOT.
(In short, yes, Shepsheet magic calculation)

For your additional comment, just focus on Recoil and ONE specific element. Most monsters have one main weakness, and it's better to boost that specific elemental shot to do the most damage.

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Don_QuixoteA note about Dragon S for those who may not know, instead of an actual Pierce S type shot, where Dragon S hits, it basically loses all momentum and does its five or so hits in basically the same place, and it's the only type shot to do so.

Jun 8, 2013 06:27

Don_QuixoteAnd that Recoil and Reload stats for regular elemental shots are Average and Average-default stuff.

Jun 8, 2013 06:31

StyrkaOkay cool! At what point does recoil stop helping for element shots? I believe it stops after awhile, or that's how it worked in Tri.

Jun 8, 2013 15:42

PhilsaeganProbably at "Some". Dragon shots might be at "Low".

Jun 8, 2013 16:57