Jasper - Jun 8, 2013 02:07

Where do you get speartuna in MH3U?

I've been trying to get the Frozen Speartuna great sword, but I can't seem to find the speartuna. I've fished in area 10 of the Moga Woods and the camp in the Tundra. Are these the right areas and is there a certain rank I have to fish in.

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Lystrous - Jun 8, 2013 16:09

How to get the Speartunas fast in a few steps:

Step 1: Equip the ranger or fisher skills(Hunter armor) and eat for fisher (fish and grain iirc)
Step 2: take 2 difrent kinds off bait out of the box(I used goldfish and tuna)
Step 3: Go to area 10 in Moga forest/Deserted island
Step 4: Look for a gigant tuna fish
Step 5: If no gigant tuna toss in your fist kind off bait(goldfish) with the y button
Step 6: Toss in a regular bait with the a button
Step 7: If you still have a lot(3+) Goldfish hanging around after you toss in the regular bait use the other kind of bait(tuna in my case)
Step 8: Repeat steps 4-7

I wish you good luck in your fish hunt.

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JasperWould tuna bait help?

Jun 8, 2013 23:01

LystrousThe Tuna bait does not attract The Speartunas sadly, actually scares them away.

Jun 9, 2013 00:48

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JZBeast - Jun 8, 2013 02:29

you can find then in any rank, your best bet though it to fish in the tundra camp in G Rank, you can get a few, especially with the ranger skill

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