Nuffiy - Jan 30, 2013 02:05

Should I import MHP3rd now or never?

I've been stuck thinking on this for quite some time now:
I've wanted to import Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but I'm well aware that Tri Ultimate is right around the corner. Ultimate has almost everything P3rd has and more (with a few exceptions). But the thing is I'd like to have P3rd to keep me busy until I get my WiiU and the game (Im not getting on the release date) but I don't know if I should go ahead and buy it or be patient.

Also I've had my PSP since August of 2012 and I want to get as much use out of it as possible since I bought it solely for Monster Hunter.

Another thing is that if I'm huge fan of the series, should I really go out of my way to experience this game (also to play it with others on MHPTunnel)? i know it's easier but hey its Monster Hunter.

Please, if you guys could give me some reasonable advice, that would be wonderful.

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Azel Backer - Jan 30, 2013 22:02

I believe it's worth getting Portable 3rd even AFTER Tri Ultimate release actually, if you're a real fan of the series, for a number of reasons.

1. As mentioned by others already, Portable 3rd has a unique atmosphere and style to it that will not be there in Ultimate. Mainly the Yukumo village, and the whole feel of the game is themed after the Japanese country side in the Edo era as opposed to the sea-side style of Tri and Tri Ultimate. Simply speaking, if you're into samurais and japanese culture, be it from real life or manga and anime, you'll dig this new village and the game's style.

2. The way they changed the Felyne Comrades, making armor and equipment for them, training them in the farm, it is a different and more fun experience to me than ChaCha and Kayamba from Tri and Tri Ultimate.

3 A few of the monsters are actually exclusive to Portable 3rd, unless they include them back in Monster Hunter 4, which so far seems unlikely. Its end game boss (Amatsu Magatsuchi) is a magnificent beast, a fun battle and will not be in Tri Ultimate. Some say he's easy, but he's still cool looking and impressive. The Tigrex Subspecies (aka Black Tigrex) is a good challenge, and gives Deviljho a run for his money in my opinion. Also, although they are available in Freedom Unite, monsters Akantor and Ukanlos are only available in Portable 3rd with third gen weapons, stats, and moves. So if you like Akantor and Ukanlos and always wished that you could do the new GreatSword charge from Tri on them, or the Bow's new pellet rain move, or the Longsword's extended spirti combo from Tri and so on, this is the only game so far that gives you the chance to do that.

4. The "WARNING!" system that more or less replaced Tri's "unstable environments" is in my opinion more fun, more suspenseful (with its custom music and everything else) and a memorable part of the game. In Tri Ultimate we go back to Tri's style on that, which disappointed me to be honest.

And I'm sure there's more minute differences that I can't think of right now that I enjoy in P3rd (like taking a bath in a hot spring to get stat boosts instead of eating food like other MH games, or having to unlock said status boosts by doing specific quests rather than having them handed to you freely simply for progressing through the game... or that felyne inside quests that you can give items to send back to your item box in your home to free up inventory space, making it possible to gather resources while still packing a full inventory for battle... or the fact you get a 4th page on your inventory specific for carves and gathering while in the quest... stuff that generally make the game more fun and convenient).

All in all, get Portable 3rd, it's in my opinion, so far the most fun I've had in any Monster Hunter game.

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Kushala_DaoraWhat does "unstable environments" even mean in Tri?

Jan 31, 2013 02:42

Don_QuixoteAround 5 minutes into the quest a large monster will spaw, with the list varying depending on the quest.

Jan 31, 2013 05:22

johnwolfNot entirly true Don_Quixote. i've done missions that where unstable and not a single big monster spawned. It's just highly likly that another monster or A monster (depending on quest) will spawn durring the quest. you can consider any hunt with a Quru as a Unstable hunt.

Mar 1, 2013 16:13

AzelYou're both off, holding piece of the truth. Unstable environment means that every 5 minutes (not just after the first 5, but EVERY time that the time marker goes to the next 5 minute mark) there is a CHANCE that a large monster will spawn. The list of what monsters can spawn is pre-determined per quest. So, if you start a quest and 5 minutes pass, something MIGHT spawn. If it doesn't, when 10 minutes have passed, something MIGHT spawn and so on. Also more than 1 large monster can spawn due to this. Say, you're doing a quest in Sandy Plains, a Rathian spawns. You kill it. A bit later the time marker passes another 5 minute mark, and another monster could spawn again. Basically as long as there's less than 2 large monsters spawned already in the quest, and the time passes a 5 minute mark (5, 10, 15, 20...) a large monster could spawn based on a list predetermined for each quest/area.

Mar 1, 2013 18:22

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Don_Quixote - Jan 30, 2013 02:49

Honestly if I could I would get P3rd just for the atmosphere. 3U is recycling the by-the-sea theme and honestly I'm not a fan.

And for the most part you'd be missing out on end-game content in the way of no G-rank. But if it's just to tide you over till whenever you get Trolltamite, and you won't miss the cash, then honestly it will probably be enough as is, especially with Tunnel.
I say go for it!

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clembk Backer - Jan 30, 2013 04:08

Portable 3rd was a really fun change-up from the NA Freedom series for me. After F1, F2 and F Unite, it was really cool to experience a new locale and hunt new monsters.

I'd say if you could nab a copy that was reasonably priced, go for it! The Japanese language isn't too hard to understand, especially since you're a vet of the series. The only that may trip you up are armor skill descriptions.

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JHOnathan - Feb 1, 2013 15:07

I don't know really. I imported MHP3rd on release and with MH3U about to be released I'm not sure if it'd be worth it. The only monsters in MHP3rd that aren't in MH3U are Amatsu Magatsuchi, Akantor and Ukanlos. Two out of three of those monsters are in previous titles as well. I will admit that Ukanlos and Akantor are far more fun in MHP3rd than in MHFU/P2G but is that worth the money? Amatsu is also a blast, but the game is easy and I'm sure you'd be disappointed.

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AzelThe Black Tigrex is also exclusive to MHP3rd - he and the normal Tigrex will not be back in MHTriU. But the normal Tigrex is back in MH4 that's why I only mentioned the black (subspecies) one in my post.

Feb 2, 2013 10:15

Jimiwheels Backer - Feb 1, 2013 20:07

I bought my ps3 to play p3rd since I didn't really think another MH game was coming to the US. Its great! Get it.

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Jawn_Henry - Feb 1, 2013 22:51

I agree with Azel-34l the atmosphere is great and I love the way they did the farm and felynes. I will definitely continue to play
it even after MHU is released.

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