Syntarus - Jun 25, 2013 02:09

What is a good bowgun set-up at the beginning of High Rank in Freedom Unite

I've had a really good experience with this so far, so I'm going to continue to ask questions. What is a good set-up for the bowgun in the beginning of high rank. I am at Nekhot specifically, if it matters, and armor and bowgun would be good. I mainly use pellet and elemental shots, and generally prefer the light bowgun.

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Berkel - Jun 25, 2013 08:38

I'm gonna be honest here, the very start of High Rank doesn't give you much to work with.
With bugs, Hypnoc, Cephadrome, Gycpceros and sub, Basarios, Khezu and sub, Congalala, Daimyo Hermitaur and Kut-Ku as your only options...

I would honestly recommend you to keep your current Low Rank armors and keep using them for now, as long as the skills they give you are good enough.

The fact that you're at Nekoht and not the Guild is another obstacle, as on of the better all-round full sets at this junction is probably Kut-Ku U. It comes with Element Up and Reckless Abandon+1 (and Health-10) and a staggering 4 OO slots and one OOO, so you can basically gem in whatever you want.
I'm aware that RA does basically nothing for element, but it's a set you can use for any gun. Not the best, but not useless either.
The problem is that it needs Blue Kut-Ku stuff, and you'd need to go to the guild for that.

If you really want something more specialized, you're gonna have to mix stuff and use a bunch of Low Rank armor pieces.

Lobster Helm
Shinobi Suit (Sun)
Shinobi Kote (Sun)
Shinobi Belt (Sun)
Shinobi Boots (Sun)
2x Element Jewel
5x Armory Jewel

For Element Up, Evade+1 and Bullet Limit. There's a total of 514 options for this set, so pick whichever one you prefer.

For your pellet needs, this might be interesting:

Leather Helm S
Conga Vest U
Conga Guards U
Conga Coat U
Conga Leggings U
3x Fierce Jewel
1x Pellet Jewel
1x Attack Jewel

For Attack Up Small, Pellet S Up and Bullet Limit.
Again, there's 51 combinations for this, so if this isn't to your liking there's 50 more combinations.

Making a half-decent HR Pierce set is pretty much impossible until you get to Shogun Ceanataur.

As for guns and LBGs, as that's your preferred gun (for now at least, HBGs really start to shine in G Rank with Evade Distance).
Assault Conga+ (needs HR Congalala stuff) is a solid Pierce gun with good Normal S support and a bit of Flaming S.
The Peach Parasol (needs a Lost Umbrella and Red Khezu stuff) has a good selection of Pellet S and rapid fires Thunder S as well.
The Green Blade Shower is easy to make (Gendrome stuff) and loads Flame, Water and Thunder S, but doesn't rapid fire anything.
The Hornet Gun is another fairly easy to make gun (Hornetaur stuff) and has a great Normal selection and loads all status shots.

Really, you're in a sort of transferring phase, going from Low to High rank. The majority of the monsters aren't really dropping awesome stuff yet.
I'd recommend getting to High Rank guild hall as well, just so you have better access to some things (for example, there's no Nekoht Volcano gathering quest, that's guild only).

The next level of quests will give you more freedom. Monoblos, Shogun Ceanataur, Blagonga and Garuga for Nekoht, and the Guild adds Los and Ian. Both also allow you to fight a bunch of Elder Dragons, if you've unlocked them.

If you need more clarification, just ask.

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SyntarusThanks. I am going to try to go through the guild to get to their high rank first then. I have been using the Ioprey armor, but also use ceanataur occasionally. I am also looking at the tigrex set as a possibility.

Jun 26, 2013 00:27

BerkelIf you're using Ioprey as a Pellet set, you're better off grinding out some Conga U armor. Congalala isn't that difficult to gun (Normal or Fire to the head, stand to side to avoid his new breath attack, and you don't hit the tail so no poop-flinging).

Ceanataur is your best bet for Pierce until Cean U or S (depending on what skills you want), so that's always solid.

I wouldn't recommend Tigrex armor. Not only do I hate to gun Tiggy (though you might like it, I dunno), but Quick Eating and Autotracker are pretty useless skills and Earplugs is generally a waste on Gunners, if you ask me. It's rare that a roar catches you in such a position that you can't react to whatever is coming after the roar.
If you really want those Earplugs, I'd recommend Rath Soul or Garuga with the Garuga Mask. With gems it should give some sort of RA+X/AuX and HGE depending on the set.

Jun 26, 2013 08:57

SyntarusI use Ioprey for the fate, and high defense generally. And, I disagree with speed eating being a useless skill. It can be very usefull, and not only if your bad at the game. And I do kind of like fighting tigrex. But, otherwise, I agree with what you have said, and will follow your advice.

Jun 27, 2013 03:29