MagnusD - Jul 23, 2013 03:27

Favourite elemental gunning sets, and why? (Status inc.)

I've been avoiding doing primarily elemental damage with gunning the majority of the time since raw has been working out so well. Generally speaking most monsters are far more weak to raw damage and it's rare to find a monster where going full elemental is actually superior. What are some of y'allziz favourite long range elemental barrage sets? for any of the weapons, lbg hbg and bow.

My personal favourite is:
For LBG-
Evade extender
Elemental attack up
Bonus shot
Recoil Down +1

I like this set because it allows me to swap alot of armor to get a look i want. Also evade extender is my favourite defensive skill while ranged. Bonus shot makes alot of sense when using rapid elemental shots since they have low recoil, as well as the fact that alot of elemental guns have a really nice extra rapid fire ammo type on it, whether it be slime, crags, clusters, normal 2 (rapid fire volley of 5 is lols), exhaust or whatever. the recoil down allows for not requiring a silencer on most weapons to have a good pierce backup once the elemental shots are done (which means power barrel and that means more damage), as well as giving some relief for any status stuff you may want to apply.

I also have an HBG elemental set but it lacks survivability, lol
Elemental attack up
Adrenaline +2
Load up

probably could replace load up with combo pro for siege mode, this setup is for power barrel+limiter release on the stongest elemental guns in the game

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Berkel - Jul 23, 2013 09:27

For now it's either the semi-suicidal option or one with a weapon slot:

Bonus Shot
Element Attack Up
Attack Up Small

You're still using a LBG, so you've got plenty of mobility, but you really need to be careful with rapid fire, lest you get punished (and killed, considering I'm running Adrenaline+2).
AuS and Adr+2 are there to buff the raw that the Elemental ammo bases its damage on, Bonus Shot for the obvious extra RF shot (and an extra moment of being stationary and inviting things to kill me).

With a weapon slot I can get:

Bonus Shot
Element Attack Up

Clearly more survivability, but prevents the use of the Willuminator and the Diamond Crest (I guess the Arctica Cannon can substitute the Crest, but a 2 Ice S clip really doesn't sit well with me).
The required charm is also pretty rare (5 Element, two slots).

When G Rank Ala gets released I'll probably get an Unscathed/Element Attack Up/Evade Distance Up/Bonus Shot set, but that's out of reach for now.

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MagnusDyea i was gonna say to go for unscathed, element attack up and evade distance up as well xD. i'm hoping to get that alatreon stuff unlocked so i can get combo pro on there, or maybe sneak, basically another c-skill to flesh out the armor set a bit more. btw, looking back on tri, even tho it was only high rank attack up small did so little actual raw increasing that sometimes it wouldn't even add a single point of damage to many types of shots, i dunno if that's worth it considering you could be increasing your offensive number of openings with sneak, or increasing your ammo's overal lasting time considerably with combo pro (you can tell i got my mind set on these two skills xD)

Jul 23, 2013 13:07

MagnusDor something else.

Jul 23, 2013 13:08

MagnusDconsidering how low the HP is and your chances of getting one shot i'm thinking you might also do better with some form of narga x for all the evade skills and sneak, gem in elemental attack up and go for heroics, balls to the bonus shot. less risky (less shots to be stuck in one place firing), high DPS, would probably work without a slotted weapon easily and probably about the same chance of getting one shot (lol)

Jul 23, 2013 13:11

MagnusD-balls to the adrenaline +2 as well, obviously

Jul 23, 2013 13:12

BerkelAdrenaline+2 is a completely different beast compared to Peak Performance though.
It's significantly more powerful, and the LBG could really use some added power. PP is like what? AuL or something? It's really damn good for a 10-point skill, but completely outclassed by Adrenaline.

There's something inherently funny about seeing Barioth's claws melt under your onslaught of Flaming S.

Dropping Bonus Shot is something I considered. I'm quite aware of the extra loss of mobility, but the option of getting a 70% (at max, of course, I know you want them to hit the best targets) boost out of your rapid fired shots is too good to pass up. Maybe I take a shot or two less, but I figure it'll be compensated by the added shots.

Dropping AuS for Bullet Limit sounds like a good idea, actually.
I don't really like Sneak but getting the maximum out of my Water/Freeze/Thunder combines sounds like a nice bonus.

Adrenaline for Heroics is too much.
Adrenaline still allows for mistakes. Sure, they can't be big mistakes (nope, can't tank that Dragonbreath with your face), but it also doesn't require perfection like Heroics.
Hell, I'd think I'd fight worse with Heroics, playing too cautious to do much of anything.
And hey, at least that Rheno won't kill me with Adrenaline (and there's a surprising amount of things you'll live through).

It's also easier to use. You can just eat for Unlucky Cat and quaff a potion. Bam! Adrenaline health.
Heroics would probably involve Toadstools or bombs. Too much of a hassle.
And even if Unlucky Cat doesn't proc, I can still get down to that amount of health manually by taking hits.
If Heroics doesn't proc I'll immediately lose my greatest asset, and I'm not about to interrupt the flow of everything by going on a gathering quest, abandon and eat again.

Jul 23, 2013 19:58

MagnusDi hear ya. my only problem with using adrenaline in solo g-rank is that you die so easily to pretty much anything except the tiniest of footsteps from monsters, so that's why i recommended going full balls. but to be honest, bhanabras, rhenos and other pests have since tri been more often the cause of my defeat than the large monsters were, so i see what you're saying about skipping heroics xD. Inc anteka ftl, lol.
what i've seen them do in some japanese speedrun videos when guys are using heroics and adrenaline is they dungbomb all the small monsters out of the area as son as the fight starts. seems to work pretty well, but then again their times aren't generally long enough to allow them to return, but it might be worth a look.
btw i think PP is 20% increase? that's what i remember hearing, i'm not really sure, to be honest, i don't use it.

Jul 26, 2013 09:51

BerkelWhenever I enter an area, I always immediately kill the Bullfangos, the Rhenos and the Ludroths.
And then another one spawns after the corpse disappears...

And I really want to give PP a try, but every damned set I can make with it wants those Escadora X parts.
And full Zin Z isn't really that hot anyway, IMO, so I see no reason to make that.
20% would be crazy though. Less for Blademasters, but gunners that gain +20% raw from just having max health?
It's like you've got a HH user spamming AuL next to you, and all you need to do is not get hit.

Jul 26, 2013 10:50

CantaPerMeNah, Peak Performance gives you the same amount of attack as Attack Up Large.

Jul 26, 2013 11:07

MagnusDyou sure? that's a pretty bad skill then. atk up L isn't that hard to get.

Jul 28, 2013 00:52

CantaPerMeYeah, it does seem useless at first but you have to consider that Peak Performance only requires 10 skill points, so you might be able to add one or two more skills into your armor if you use PP instead of AUL.

To be honest though, I still prefer the latter because it isn't as situational and as I already said, I'm not the kind of person that can casually fight a monster without getting hit.

Jul 28, 2013 01:06

MagnusDyea, you usually get at least knicked a bit, enough to ruin it

Jul 28, 2013 01:12

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CantaPerMe Backer - Jul 23, 2013 20:28

Personally, I find Recoil Down to be pretty useless for a LBG Elementgunning set that relies on rapidfire since something must've went terribly wrong if you need backup ammunition because your elemental shots were not sufficient to kill a monster (no offense meant).
Also, I don't consider Evade Extension to be an essential skill for the LBG since the weapon class itself already provides plenty of mobility and because elemental shots aren't affected by distance anyway.

With that being said, I'd go for a more aggressive setup with:

Attack Up (L)
Bonus Shot
Elemental Attack Up

or if I'm not confident about a sufficient stock of ammunition:

Attack Up (M)
Bonus Shot
Combination Pro
Elemental Attack Up

Adrenaline +2 and Unscathed are reasonable options as well but I don't consider myself the type of player that could casually pull off a run without getting hit, so I'd rather play it safe and go for Attack Up.

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MagnusDwell about the ammo:
see i generally solo, seeing as how i own the game only on 3ds. When you're alone you'll easily go through all of your ammo, even with combo pro and element attack up without killing the monster, except against the lowest hp and weakest to elemental damage monsters. in group settings, against reasonably strong monsters, i generally only go through about 40-50 shots before the monster is dead. this number x4 is 160-00, so yea, you can't carry that many elemental and you usually need a little something extra ( using only long barrel, elemental attack up and felyne temper for damage increases)
now, elemental shots ARE affected by distance, but it isn't the primary portion of the damage that is, just the canister. When you're squeezing out as much damage as you can out of your shots, due to both the range modifier on that initial hit (canister) and the fact that felyne temper's deviation increase cause elemental shots to swerve very early in the flightpath compared to pretty much everything else, being in optimal range, both for aiming and damage, is still a concern. attack up L is not really that large of an increase on top of g-rank level raw output, it is quite nice in hi and low rank tho. If you're pulling off solo runs in g-rank with zero defensive skills and not triple carting i want to see vids cuz i have alot to learn, lol. I use evade distance for actually evading monster attacks as well as closing distances (it's faster than running) but i mean even in that dual arzuros quest near the beginning of g-rank they will eat your face off with ease if you're not getting some serious distance on them in gunner armor, especially during that multi-swipe. the only good alternate to extending evade i've found is sheathing up and running but i both hate doing that and they sort of attack too fast for that, same goes for alot of monsters in g-rank. it's combo city without creating some serious distance.

Jul 26, 2013 10:01

MagnusDbtw, a really excellent use for combo pro is paired with rapid fire slime shots. you know how it says 1-3 on the combination amount but it's generally always 1? with combo pro and bonus shot you get a total of 168 slime shots, more than enough to break everything on anything, even 4 monsters. one of my favourites especially since you don't need elemental atk up, so you can put both bombadier and combo pro easily in it's place.

Jul 26, 2013 10:04

CantaPerMeWell, as I only own the 3DS version of the game, I've solo'd through the whole game as well and I've never needed to use all my elemental shots on a monster (unless I'm fighting monsters with high elemental resistances or high HP such as Elder Dragons, though I won't even consider using an Elemental LBG Set against those).
Assuming that the elemental shots were not sufficient to kill the monster, which should be a rare case, if at all, I think that the monster's HP should've already been lowered to a point where Normal 2 shots will do the job in finishing it off.

As far as the distance is concerned, I should've been a bit more clear on that point. As you already mentioned, elemental shots deal a small portion of raw damage and that portion is affected by the distance. However, as the raw damage is insignificantly low, so I never gave two f**ks about that part (it is in fact weaker than Normal 1 or at least it was in Tri).

About Attack Up Large: I don't know if you're familiar with the damage calculation, but the elemental damage of elemental shots is also affected by the weapons raw attack power, so you actually get a decent boost out of it and given the lack of other skills that increase the elemental damage, there's nothing speaking against Attack Up (if nothing has changed 45% of the weapons raw attack is being used for calculating the elemental damage).
Of course, you could as well replace Attack Up with a defensive skill, which is a valid option, but since I'm already familiar with most monsters, I never really needed defensive skills when using mobile weapons such as the LBG. If I were to use defensive skills though, I'd prefer Evasion +1/2 over Evade Extension because I prefer to dodge through the attack rather than get out of its range, but that's just my personal preference, so yeah, in the end it all comes down to the players experience, skills and preferences.

About Slime Shots: I never really had the opportunity to try them out (24 slots for armor sets just aren't enough :/ ), but that sounds really interesting, I'll consider using them with my second character.

PS: I don't own a capture card so I can't provide videos of me doing G-Rank solo runs with elemental shots, unless you're content with crappy recording quality done with a hand camera xP

Jul 26, 2013 11:35

MagnusDye, i don't believe that you're killing g-rank monsters with only elemental shots and not running out of ammo, unless you every run with adrenaline or heroics, and even then it's gonna be a close scrape. at least when it comes to monsters with resonable HP.

Jul 28, 2013 00:55

CantaPerMeVery well, I shall take on a a G-Rank Monster with Elemental Shots only, any suggestions? (of course not one that has an insane amount of HP such as Jhen Mohran or one of those pushovers like Arzuros or Great Jaggi)

Jul 28, 2013 01:01

MagnusDi. lagi and pink rathian xD

Jul 28, 2013 01:12

MagnusDtry using only the elemental rapid fire shots

Jul 28, 2013 01:13

CantaPerMePink Rathian, I see what you did there xD
Anyway, challenge accepted.

Jul 28, 2013 01:34

CantaPerMeIvory Lagiacrus has been done in roughly 10 minutes, took me all Flame Shots and 2 Dragon Shots. If I had taken the two Shakalakas with me and/or tried to capture it, Flame shots only should've been sufficient. In any case, I'll post the video in a few hours.

As far as Pink Rathian is concerned, that will have to wait until I've gotten a proper LBG for her lol. Never fought her with an elemental LBG before but I can see why you chose her :p. Rapidfire Shots will most likely not be sufficient since she's only considerably vulnerable against dragon, and dragon ammu is quite limited. I should still be able to kill her with Elemental Shots only, though.

Jul 28, 2013 02:36

CantaPerMeOkay, I just tried Pink Rathian, turns out hat her elemental resistances are too high to be defeated with Elemental Shots only.

Nevertheless I think that my point has been proven with the Ivory Lagiacrus that you can in fact defeat a monster with Elemental Shots only as long as it doesn't have high resistances like the Pink Rathian (here's the vid btw:

Jul 28, 2013 12:11

DekuTreeI didn't know you were RyodanDragonica!

Jul 29, 2013 09:05

MagnusDturns out the two options were good at showing two more extreme examples of elemental gunning vs monsters, pretty happy with that. i actually forgot that the miralis lbg existed (lol) or else i would have been expecting you to be able to take care of ivory lagi with that. those dragon shots really do the trick, almost a flinchlock. try doing it with the dragon shots first, you'll be surprised how few fire shots you actually need to use, lol.
i prefer to use the clusters first when i fight that one most of all xD lagi being what it is has usually a high resistance to both elemental and raw damage so stuff like slime and clusters are a great option.
so which other monsters have you had success with all elemental gunning against? i'm curious to maybe a make a list of recommended easy to make setups and recommended monsters to use them against for elemental gunning enthousiasts.

Jul 29, 2013 14:06

CantaPerMeSo far, I've been using elemental shots against:
- (Baleful) Gigginox
- (Green) Plesioth
- (Sand) Barioth
- (Ivory and Abyssal) Lagiacrus
- (Glacial) Agnaktor
- Gold Rathian
- Silver Rathalos

Of the ones listed above, Ivory Lagiacrus and sometimes the Abyssal Lagiacrus are the only ones that may cause ammunition problems (depends on whether I hit it optimally with my dragon shots), for the rest of the monsters I always have about 15-30 shots left after killing them.
As far as the rest is concerned, I can't tell if it's effective to use Elemental Shots only since I've never bothered to try it out against them.

PS: Never considered using dragon shots first lol, I'll try it out next time.

Jul 29, 2013 14:36

MagnusDi use pierce against most of those. the plesioths are hilariously weak to them since they have hi elemental and low physical tolerances, with a really long straight line for a hitzone. it's a slaughter.
with the uber-raths i've only really had good times using normal 3.
i wonder exactly how much damage those dragon shots do overall, it really seems to save ALOT of ammo when used in the right circumstances so i'm guessing alot.

Jul 29, 2013 14:45

CantaPerMeBtw, I would actually recommend putting a defensive skill such as Evade Distance Up against Abyssal Lagiacrus into your armor set because most of his attacks have such a ridiculous range and your own character moves so damn slow underwate, I often get defeated at least once per run when fighting him due to that. (Or you just take Cha-Cha and Kayamba with you to distract it from time to time, that makes things a whole lot easier)

Jul 29, 2013 14:45

CantaPerMeYeah, Plesioth is so ridiculously easy with Pierce, I almost feel sorry for them whenever I fight them with Pierce.

Jul 29, 2013 14:47