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Styrka - Aug 25, 2013 20:20

Most wanted returning monsters for MH4?

Hey there! Styrka here.

So, as MH4 swiftly approaches, I am wondering what monsters we'd like to see back. It was nice to see Plesi again in 3U, but I want some of the fear-inspiring beasties back. Sure, we got Deviljho, a new kid on the block in terms of making newbies have panic attacks, but what about Rajang? He'd give Jho some trouble, if both of them wanted the same hunter.

And, Alatreon would cringe in the presence of any of the Fatalis', such as they are. Yet, we western gamers are soft (Or at least I am!), so I doubt that they would bring back the terrible three. I could see other elder dragons making a come back though, as we know that Kushala Daora is back.

Who do you think will be back to antagonize us? Who would you like back?


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Imrik37 - Aug 25, 2013 21:08

I'm glad about Rajang returning!
And I'd like to see Yama Tskunami, Black Tigrex and PariaPuria from Frontier. Oh, and Nargacuga and Lagi.

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DekuTree - Aug 26, 2013 04:57

Being a third-gen hunter, I have yet to hunt many of the Unite monsters (forgive me!), so basically any of them will be new to me. However in particular I would like to hunt Rajang and perhaps the Ceanataur/Hermitaur/Gaoren brethren. Seem fun to fight!

Oh, maybe Lao as well...?

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Loachypls no lao

Aug 26, 2013 06:31

DekuTreeHaha I thought someone might say that. But he's so...majestic!

Aug 26, 2013 07:51

BerkelHe's 30 minutes of hammering the crotch.
At least Shen has the decency to be in the Town where you can Heroics pierce spam him to death in a decent time.
Lao has to haul ass to the last area before he decides to roll over and die.

And then his head is stuck in the wall, making you miss 3 carves.

Aug 26, 2013 07:56

Don_Quixote - Aug 26, 2013 21:07

Yeah, I want to have a CRAB BATTLE against the carapaceons, and if they included Dire Miralis, could we have a Four Fati Straty? ;P

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LoachyFatty is going to need a complete overhaul of its moveset and AI before I'd ever want see a return

Aug 26, 2013 23:47

DekuTreeMaybe fight all four at the same time for those few insane people...?

Aug 27, 2013 01:22

Don_QuixoteThat's what I meant :P

Aug 27, 2013 03:00