Styrka - Aug 26, 2013 00:51

You've got to be kidding me, you only get one hit and you're dead?! (Using Adrenaline in G-rank...and not triple carting.)

Hey there, Styrka here!

So, this is a double header post with my 'Making Flood Forest Free for All Styrka friendly' post, or whatever it was called.

I would love to make a G-rank adrenaline set to hopefully make some of the runs G-rank go faster, yet, staying alive with full health is hard enough sometimes! Having chip damage worry you sounds like a nightmare.

Yet, we've many fun toys to keep us hunters alive, don't we? Depending what we use in terms of weapons of course affects our fighting style, so let's say, for the sake of argument, I would either be using either a

'one hit run away ohmygosh' strategy (A great sword or sword and shield)

or a 'duck and weave and don't die' strategy (Switch Axe (to never worry about bouncing) or Hunt Horn for DEF boosts)

or a Bow gun, because they get hit in one go anyways without Adrenaline going.

OR, of course, the crazy idea of having SO much defense with adrenaline active that you can actually survive a hit, so that you can scamper away to another area to heal up a bit. That would be with fully maxed out armor with DEF up large and a DEF boosting weapon and/or a DEF up large hunting horn.

Equally good is evasion +2 or evade distance up, although I am not sure which is better, really.

What have you crazy Adrenaline users found to be best? Where would an Adrenaline starter be most comfortable, in the monster's face with near a thousand defense/mad dodging skills, or firing rockets or arrows at him from across the area?

Thanks very much and remember the Adrenaline motto: Live a day as a Teostra or a lifetime as a Kelbi.


Best Answer

DrElephant - Aug 26, 2013 08:28

going for either evasion up or evasion dist is pretty situational but having felyne weakener will be your friend. Also having speed setup is pretty good because traps can be like mines for bad situations and for bombing since bowguns aren't going to deal too much damage. Also i need to know if you are soloing or not.

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