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HUURDUUR - Feb 3, 2013 03:04

Is it possible to solo bow gun every monster?

I was wondering if it's possible to solo every monster using a bow gun. I ask because I have started up a new character on Tri and I want to solo every monster including high rank and at the same time I have also gotten into bow gunning.

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vatto - Feb 3, 2013 03:14

I think that pierce, water and wyvernfire should be your main shots in the low rank. With those you can probably solo everything. You should get the poison frame as soon as possible offline and then start soloing. Otherwise even barroth is going to be a huge problem.
You will probably have trouble with some high rank monsters due to ammo limitations. Good balanced pierce guns are only available on 5*, so until then you'll probably have to stick to pierce 1 with barrozoka barrel, jaggi frame and low rank diablos armor.
Some monsters that pierce is not very effective will give you a hard time, like barioth and gigginox. That will change when you get your rapidfire barrels.

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MagnusD - Feb 3, 2013 18:37

As a counter-choice to the poison frame the standard heavy bowgun is the strongest frame in low rank, with status shots and pierce 1 to boot. With this frame and barozooka barrel you can demolish anything in low rank and even speed things up by sleepbombing/poisoning/paralyzing as you see fit. Also, using it with the royal launcher stock will allow you to use clusters as well as maintaining a lower bowgun weight, tho i prefer the torpeco stock due to 2 wyvern fire and excellent sized clips all around. In high rank definitely go for the guns that you can pierce with the hardest, as they give you the most bang for your buck as far as ammo space in your bag are concerned. also the jaggid fire frame is an excellent choice for having enough bullets due to it's high raw and rapid pierce 2, allowing you to stretch that ammo out and still do good damage. On some fights soloing you might have to use adrenaline, heroics or many many ammo combination sessions, with finally resorting to normal 1, so make guns with high raw!

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MagnusDa brave and ballsy choice for pierce gunning is the vulcannon. it's power is immense and it's available at hr 31, if i'm not mistaken. just make the barrage earring as well, make a set with pierce all up and pierce boost and law waste to anything faster than anything else can in the game. Also, if you set up your armor right you don't need to have element atk down, allowing you to, after running out of pierce shots, to follow up with elemental if neccesary. Look up the elemental and shot damage hitzones to make the most of your ammor and learn the right range you need to be at for whatever gun you're using to keep the pierce damage in 150% multiplier otherwise you're goign to run out of ammo very fast very often withotu the things dead

Feb 3, 2013 18:42

MagnusD*lay, ammo, going, without (wtb edit comment)

Feb 3, 2013 18:43

vattoVulcannon has 1.2 range. That doesn't sound a good choice for pierce.
And the HBG frame isn't the strongest. It has 144 raw on the end of low rank while poison stinger has 168.

Feb 4, 2013 01:28

MagnusDby god you're right, lol. in that case it's probably better except that it lacks pierce and fire shots, and trades a crag and a clust for wyvern fire. dunno why i thought heavy was stronger, guess i read it wrong.

Feb 4, 2013 18:34

MagnusDalso about the vulcannon range, surprinsingly it still works quite nicely most of the time, i dunno if it's something special with the gun or if there's a max spread rate but i can put the 4 parts of the pierce 2 easily in rathalos' head, so it can't be that bad. try it and you'll see what i mean.

Feb 4, 2013 18:36

Imrik37 - Feb 4, 2013 18:14

It's possible with the right equipment and skills (Heroics, Poison shots, ect...), but Jhen Mohran and Alatreon are some hard nuts to crack.

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MagnusDcan still be done, especially if you're focusing on pierce with the bowgun, since the mats for more shots of every level are there, also with carrying a single cluster 2 in your gun you got 55 x 100 damage right there.

Feb 5, 2013 03:41

ChuckPebble - Feb 5, 2013 19:41

I managed to do offline at least. I have a youtube playlist where I did the dual monster quests at the end of offline all in low rank gunner gear. It wasn't too bad, and I think they detail what I used well enough.
High rank is another story. I've seen a cheese solo gun kill of Alatreon. I have no doubts that Deviljho can be solo gunned as well, though I've never done either. I think Jhen Mohran is the only one that is impossible. I have seen a low rank Jhen soloed with GS. Maybe just leave him out of the equation.

Here's my playlist:

Oh, and after looking back at that playlist, a word of advice. The single best skill for a solo gunner is Combo Pro, not Combo Plus, you can carry books for that. Combo Pro makes each single ammo combo yield the max amount of ammo. For instance, huskberry + bird wyvern fang = 3 pierce level 1.

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Monster_Slayer - Feb 5, 2013 22:34

I have no doubt in my mind that any monster in Low Rank can be soloed. High Rank will obviously be tough, but do-able. A few monsters you might be worried about such as Deviljho and Alatreon can be soloed. If it's possible to solo Jho with a SnS it is solo-able with anything, and Alatreon using the wall glitch would make quick work of her, doing it legitimately would be harder but do-able.
So to put it simply: Yes, of course your armor, weapon, skills, ammo, and your own skill will make or break you. However High Rank Jhen and Super Ala either is or near impossible.

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Jam_Crumpet - Feb 7, 2013 23:19

I soloed offline as a gunner without TOO much hassle, tri was my first MH aside from a demo in DMC3 so i was still learning but, for me it was SUPER hard soloing higher ranks as ammo was always an issue, but wii had online so i rarely TRI-ed to solo it.
Playing MHP3rd and high rank is proving hard to solo, but not impossible just time consuming.
But i compare that to unite, with offline high rank which, while challenging, wasnt hard on the whole not enough ammo thing as they didnt have health boosts.
It come down to this, do you WANT to solo it?
Its hard, its frustrating, takes a long time, and you may well be chugging out every resource in your item box.
Only to have harder monsters dropped on you. (talking about high rank, of course) Plus, i WISH for more co-op with my psp MH's i'd love to have at least ONE friend who is a MH fan other than me

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vattoMHPTunnel: make friends online. :D

Feb 8, 2013 04:08

squirtli - Feb 11, 2013 02:50

I've solo gunned all of Village, though I haven't tried Low Rank or High Rank online. I would imagine that these are just as possible, but they'll take longer and take more ammo. Combines will be necessary, as long as very specific Armor and Gun setups. I've done a 2-man run of High Rank Jhen Mohran with both people using HBG, so I'm almost certain that a Low Rank Jhen Mohran could at least be repelled alone.

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