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IvoryStorm - Sep 20, 2013 00:59

How love monster hunter when there's No one around knows what it is?

Well today it's hard to love monster hunter without friends who love it as well. For EX: I told my friend I want to buy a 3DS to play MH3U, he said Monster hunter? What's that? I told him about it and stuff but in the end he just didn't seem interested. Know else knows what it is too, Their all absorbed in bloody games, minecraft, ect.
1. How do you cope playing alone?
2. Have you converted someone, how?

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Don_Quixote - Sep 20, 2013 08:24

Soloing the game can be a very rewarding experience, especially G-Rank! The same could be said for FU, but 3U involves less suicidal thoughts and pure unadulterated rage. It's pretty damn hard, especially grinding for rare. However, you will get insanely good at the if you can do it. And who knows, maybe somewhere down the line you can find someone to play with.
...But if you can, I'd get a WiiU for the online mode since you're probably unlikely to meet someone you can play with regularly.

No, I have not been able to get anyone I know into the game. It's hard getting people to drop money on something they are unsure about.

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MagnusD - Sep 20, 2013 19:25

promote it yourself! visit games stores and strike up conversations with people. carry your system around with you when you meet up friends that don't know about and let them play to see what the game is like. be active on web - boards and find other people in your area you can play with. That and learn to love the game solo.

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