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Styrka - Sep 20, 2013 20:00

Favorite Monster Hunter theme?

Hey there, Styrka here!

So, I adore music, even though I don't play an instrument seriously (Although I like to pretend I can sing). Donate to the 'Buy Styrka a drum set foundation' today!!

But, what strikes me harder than Shepard getting hit by a rock is the music of the monster hunter series. It's fantastic, and adds SO much to the fights with monsters. It would almost be boring without all the tension in the background, Deviljho's having an especially scary 'jump scare' effect.

Long story short, what is your favorite monster hunter theme (You may have more than one of course, especially across games!) For me, I love the Rajang, Raviente and Rukordiora themes, because percussion rawks and they make me want to parkour.

May you find yourself in a jam session soon,


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Eragon2016 - Sep 21, 2013 11:42

The jhen mohran theme after just hitting the dragonator is easily my favorite

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DetectiveJacks - Sep 23, 2013 00:41

When it comes to Tri/MH3U, Jhen Part 2, VS Zinogre, VS Brachydios and the Tundra battle theme come to mind. Right now the Underground Cave and Unknown Sea of Tree music from MH4 is just too good to not listen to.

Honorable mentions go to Tri's Volcano theme and Kushala Daora's theme.

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MagnusDTri's volcano intro, hell yea

Sep 29, 2013 09:23

Frotte - Sep 20, 2013 21:58

my personal favourite is the brachydios theme. it makes the fights less rage inducing and makes you feel like a badass when you do something right. also there's a wicked jazz band arragement of it

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Phoenix - Sep 20, 2013 22:19

My Top Ten Honster Hunter Themes:

1. Ukanlos
2. Nono&Kamu Orugaron
3. Chameleos
4. White Fatalis
5. Shagaru Magara
6. Tower Battle
7. Zinogre/Stygian Zinogre
8. Amatsumagatsuchi (Part 2)
9. Odeibatorasu
10. Rajang

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CantaPerMe Backer - Sep 21, 2013 04:11

- Kushala Daora
- White Fatalis
- Chameleos
- Rajang
- Teostra/Lunastra
- Zinogre
- Alatreon
- Ceadeus (1st part)
- Ukanlos
- Amatsumagatsuchi (1st part)

edit: just beated Shagaru Magara, his battle theme is really beautiful:

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DekuTree - Sep 21, 2013 14:56

Definitely the Ceadeus battle theme. I know the Tri games didn't have much of a story, but that moment when you are fighting the Ceadeus and the chanting comes in really makes you feel that the fate of the village is weighing on your shoulders. It's a shame the game didn't have more of these moments (and that the ceadeus fight was boring as well).

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MagnusD - Sep 24, 2013 18:07

i've only played from tri forward but for sure my fav is Jho's theme.
The first time i heard that coupled with the first time I saw the beast (never had seen a spoiler of any kind) I'm sure i almost shit bricks of terrified joy.
Second is probably mini ura from tri. Again laughed out loud, this time in overconfident glee.
Third (but not far behind) would be Zinogre's theme. So rock, so badass.

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Skabb - Sep 25, 2013 01:16

I'd say MHFU's Swamp theme (has that sort of power and fear to it) and Zinogre's theme (gotta love that electric guitar) also Tigrex's theme both MHF2/U and MH4 (Again that sort of power and fear factor) and finally Nargacuga's theme (it gives like a stealthy and ninja feel to it like you don't know what is going to happen) and the Frozen Sea theme oh god amazing!! It really sets Zabozagiru's movements

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Zearos - Sep 27, 2013 02:07

I would have to say the Nargacuga theme, but the Tigrex, Zinogre and the Tundra battle, (So good when fighting Barioth) I play Piano and I have always wanted to learn the Original Monster Hunter Theme. The music in MH is all so great. :) Happy Hunting!

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hunterjamesgonz - Sep 27, 2013 04:33

I love Branchydios and Jhen Mohrsn themes

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