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Styrka - Sep 26, 2013 19:53

Running Jokes on the Teamwork Podcast Show?

Hey there, Styrka here.

So, I have been spending my precious, precious free time watching past episodes of the monster hunter podcast show, and understand many of the running jokes now, like Nick doing his best to sabotage the podcast whenever he can.

I don't have much to elaborate on this one, so:

-->What is your favorite running gag?
-->What is the 'Space frog' gag?



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sheepothy - Sep 28, 2013 16:26

idk. i have watched a lot of the podcast but i must have skipped that part or something. and my favorite running gag is in episode 25 when the devil jho kills him in the water. "he can't it me in the water, right guys?" 2 seconds later: shepard has died.

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