CrazyYanmega - May 21, 2015 21:50

Do attack buffs affect Mounting damage?

For example, the red kinsect buff or a Might Seed.

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Phoenix - Jul 2, 2015 06:42

Nothing as far as I am aware of affects the damage of the knife stabs when you have mounted a monster. (Might Seeds, Buffs, Skills, and so on)

Also monsters can NOT be killed by the stabs, they will always be left with 1HP.

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-Dante- - Jun 2, 2015 14:20

Im pretty confident that it does not. Mounting armor skill does though I believe.

Edit: The skill Mounting DOES affect mount damage according to MH Wiki. Here is a link:

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PhoenixThe skills Mounting Master and Rodeo God do not affect the damage of mounts. They make it easier to mount the monster and fill up the gauge faster once you have mounted the monster.

Jun 2, 2015 16:24

-Dante-Nope, they actually do affect damage according to the MH Wiki. Here is a link. Just scroll down to Mounting and it says right there.

Jun 8, 2015 02:18

PhoenixThere is a misconception about that. Mounting is like a status, monsters have different tolerances to it. So when it says increases "mounting damage" it means something like Status Attack Up/Bombardier. It does not give you more raw damage like Attack Up would give. Like the skill says "makes it easier to mount".

Jun 8, 2015 19:16

-Dante-I guess the way I am taking it is that while you are mounting a monster you do more damage. So the overall mount has more damage. Yeah I am pretty positive, like you said, that it does not give attack boosts while just normally attacking with weapon.

Jun 9, 2015 13:14

CrazyYanmegaIt occurs to me that I should clarify: I'm talking about the actual damage that leads to a kill caused by stabbing a monster with your knife while you are on it.

Jun 24, 2015 01:36