Gear_Lock Backer - May 23, 2015 14:43

What exactly does negative Affinity do?

This question can apply to other MH titles, but I thought I'd ask it for both 3U/4U seeing as how I'm flip-flopping between both

I know that Affinity in any given weapon basically equals the percentage amount of critical strikes and deals more damage as a whole...but after jumping back into 3U and hearing about the Chaotic Gore items on 4U, I've always questioned what negative Affinity means. Granted, I know critical strikes are portrayed with a yellow burst while negative seems to be purple/black, but have never actually looked into it

Does it entail more blunt damage to a weapon and less critical strikes? Or does negative Affinity make the weapon dull faster, requiring you to sharpen more? Take a Barroth SnS, for example, with -30% Affinity
[UPDATE 5/24/15]
Seeing as how Berkel explained the schematics of negative/positive Affinity, I guess I'll be aiming for weapons more in the positive fields. Thanks again for the detailed explanation!

Best Answer

Berkel - May 23, 2015 20:35

Negative affinity leads to negative crits.
A normal critical hit deals 25% extra raw damage (and 25% extra element/status damage if you have Element/Status Crit), so a negative crit will deal 25% less raw damage.

This may sound really bad, but it doesn't really start to matter until you're deep in the negatives, generally.
A quick estimate of how much your positive or negative affinity adds is to multiply your raw by 0.25*affinity. A crit is 25% extra damage, so having 10% affinity is a 10% chance to deal 25% extra damage, which on average means you deal 2.5% extra damage over the course of a fight.
Obviously this isn't perfect. RNG can still screw you over, but as far as estimates go, it's pretty solid.

So your Barroth SnS would do 7.5% less raw damage over the course of a fight, on average. Compare it with the raw of other weapons in the tier to see how it stacks up.

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