Sedrom - Jul 11, 2015 09:46

Best way to teach newbie hunters?

Hey guys, I've been playing Monster Hunter since MHFU; playing over 1000 hours in total with all games later introduced. I have finally found a friend who is willing to join me in the hunt, he is however new to the game. I understand I will make a new character for him to progress better, but any ideas on how i could make him learn while having fun and stick to the game? Is the Arena best to learn each weapon? Should i follow him and tell him things alot? or follow along and be there when he needs my help?

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Azel Backer - Jul 14, 2015 00:38

Best way to hook your friend to MonHun? It's easy, and you already did it. It's simply "get them to properly give the game a try". Other than that, do nothing. Don't overexplain, don't take them by the hand through the game. Simply make it clear to them that the first few dozen hours will be nothing but trying to figure things out, and have them stick through that until their first "wall". Like Philsaegan pointed out, everyone plays, experiences and likes a game in different ways. Showing them what YOU yourself love about MonHun could backfire easily, getting them bored, or worse, annoyed at your persistence.

Seriously, all you had to do was get them to try the game and you've already done that. Get them to promise not to give up on the first big obstacle either, and you're set. The game itself will do the rest. Source: got my casual gamer girlfriend into MH, with untranslated MHPortable 3rd no less. 3 years later and we're going duo through G Rank in MH4U.

EDIT: An important thing I failed to mention is that my girlfriend was also doing solo quests on her own time, learning the game. If you mainly plan to hit multiplayer right away with your new recruit, act as useless as you can - regress to your own newbie self.

Grin and bear it, even if you do 30 minute kecha wacha low rank hunts or outright fail a simple nerscylla. If you carry them, they won't learn or have fun. Don't get mad at them for sucking, and don't instantly go all "that's not how you do it! do xxxx and yyyy instead!" it'll get annoying to them VERY soon. Imagine someone telling you that everything you do is wrong - doesn't sound fun, does it.

Instead, introduce only one concept, tactic, or item per quest, and DO NOT explain it. Show it to them, and get them curious to ask what that was and how it works. Don't explain sharpening weapons, let them bounce off the enemy (let your own sharpness drop too) and after demonstrating the bouncing off with dull weapons bit, simply use a whetstone in front of them, then proceed to attack without a problem. Your friend will surely ask you what that was, how you did it, and why is it that your weapon no longer bounces off. If they don't notice the first time, do it again.

Remember, they have to ask you, or figure it out themselves. If you explain it from the start, or just clear the quests for them before they figure anything out, they'll quit of boredom or feeling useless pretty darn soon. And if you keep introducing new items and strategies only one at a time, they'll surely have time to figure them out, pick their favorites, and enjoy the game their own way.

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LoachyYeah, this. When I was a scrub I had no one, but I had tons of fun anyway. I enjoyed the game for what I was experiencing and not for what I was told about it. I would probably take the passive route like you said, Puffs. But I have some experience of that not going real well... I bought 4U for my brother, after he expressed interest from hearing me talk about how much I loved it. I told him to let me know if he had any questions, but he had very few; likely because he didn't even know what to ask. So we're playing online, he's running around pitifully aiming his attacks and forgetting he can roll afterwards while I'm whoopin this Great Jaggi because I have almost a decade of experience and don't suck. The Jaggi quickly dies, he barely learns anything because I'm inadvertently carrying him while the game just gets harder. Fast forward a few weeks, his response to 90% of the monsters is "I hate it.", then Akantor pretty much murdered his interest in the game. Where did I go wrong?

Jul 14, 2015 11:46

AzelYou said it yourself - you were carrying him. Even if you didn't do it on purpose, even if you weren't in OP gear murdering everything, you didn't run around acting as "green" as he was. I should edit this into my answer I think.

Jul 14, 2015 14:30

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Philsaegan Backer - Jul 12, 2015 15:41

Just my two-cents on this. Hopefully someone else can give another answer.

If there's one thing I've noticed when talking about Monster Hunter to beginners or just non-gamers in general is that every person will have his/her own interests. If your friend is playing the game for complex mechanics, spill some crazy calculations. What if he/she's into designing? Talk about how amazing the monster design as well as the armors are. If he/she just wants to try it out and see what it's about, introduce them a bit about Monster Hunter and what they should be excited for.

Most importantly, just have fun playing the game with them and talking about it. Words can sometimes complicate what you want to convey, but a laugh will always show that you love Monster Hunter.

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