Gear_Lock Backer - Jul 11, 2015 13:11

Tips for hunting Akantor and/or Ukanlos?

Long story short: Akantor and the Ukanlos urgent are the only two quests harassing me between victory and G-rank

Total Akantor hunts: 10
Total victories: 0
Why?: F**kin. Tail. Swipes

Is he really that hard, or am I going too gungho on a monster that's out of my hunting range?

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Berkel - Jul 11, 2015 15:20

Without knowing your preferred weapon(s) my advice will be limited.

Take your time.

No, seriously. You have 50 minutes to take it down. Taking it slow and learning more about its moves and patterns is going to save you trouble both now and in the future. If you're uncertain, take a step back instead of going in anyway.

It's got two tailswipes.
One that's barely a problem where it simply lazily swipes its tail and one where it'll drag its face through the floor first and then proceeds to whip its tail around.
The second one is the dangerous one.
The moment you see it winding up to slam its face into the ground, start rolling away. Assuming you're not at low stamina you should have plenty of time to get away from it. Considering you generally want to be at the face anyway for damage this shouldn't be too hard once you realize the (massive) tell.

Bring Adamant Seeds or Portable Steam Bombs.
Angry Aka can inflict Defense Down with its head, and its is the worst in the game (pretty sure it halves your defense). If you have Defense Down and the dangerous tailswipe hits you, you're generally dead. Simply get rid of the debuff to prevent embarrassing deaths.

This might sound odd, but consider not bringing your cats.
Aka is slow and predictable, but having it turn its face to your cats rather than your attacks can get really annoying, especially for things like hammer golfswings, GS level 3s or CB bursts.

Keep in mind that it can always decide to drift out of its charge and combo it into a second (and in G Rank a 3rd). It's generally not a killer, but it still hurts.

Uka lacks the turbo tailswipe, but makes up for this with its landswimming.
As long as you realize that the hitbox of the landswim is actually Uka's body and not the ice that it pushes up you should be able to avoid it fairly easily. Take note that when enraged it'll start chucking giant balls of ice during swimming and you really don't wanna get hit by those.
Also be aware of the fact that Uka can decide to not unburrow after one pass and can do it twice in a row. You're not automatically safe after the first pass.

Bring Cleansers and Nulberries. Dying because you're a snowman or out of stamina due to iceblight is just silly.

For now, getting used to their attacks and their large tells is going to make the biggest difference.
"Do not get hit" is the motto here (and in a lot of other cases, but you get my drift).

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Gear_LockMan, bro. That is a LOT of info to digest haha. Really appreciate the helpful advice, though. It's better that I know this beforehand rather than continuously charging headlong into death after death. Thanks again!

Jul 11, 2015 15:29