Gear_Lock Backer - Jul 22, 2015 15:57

What is a good armor set for early-G1?

So recently I achieved early-G1 last night with a few of my regular Hunters, exploring and delving deep into the earliest of G-rank quests to see what challenges awaited me. After trial and error with a couple of monsters, (Ash Kecha, Berserk Testucabra), I'm eagerly anticipating what G-rank has in store for a 3-year nooblet

Only issue? I'm dying. A lot

Even with my fully upgraded Jho set, (base DEF 505), I'm still getting knocked around with barely any health to recover. I've thought of investing into some mixed armor sets to balance things out, but what early G1 sets are good to invest in if there are any at all?

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Berkel - Jul 22, 2015 16:46

I've got bad news for you.
G1* is filled with nothing but garbage when it comes to sets. Every now and then you have parts that are useful (usually the ones that come with some spare points in a skill not native to the set, like points in Handicraft or something) but full sets barely give you any useful skills. Certainly not better than whatever clownsuit you can cobble together from High Rank materials.
Even G2* isn't that impressive (except if you GS because for some reason the Diablos sets needed to be hilariously good, though there's some others that are okay).
For some reason the designers completely screwed over the equipment balance in G Rank, with basically all the good stuff coming from G3* monsters like elders or Rajang (ruddy monkey waist is on every other Edgemaster set, I swear).

There's no Ceadeus X/Z mix to start you off here, I'm afraid.
Right now, getting a G Rank set will allow you to tank more hits in exchange for losing the majority of your useful armor skills.
Consider eating for Moxie or Defender and adopt a slightly more careful approach.

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DetectiveJacks - Jul 23, 2015 17:25

G1 isn't going to get you a whole lot. You can try for Tetsucabra X if you really wanted since Tetsu armour's always half decent, but it'll be obsolete once you gut G2.

Your best bet would be to just try to get to G2 and make Seregios X until you get to G3. Seltas Z is a great choice if you use Bombs a lot or main the Charge Blade.

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