Phoenix - Aug 2, 2015 20:24

Relic Armor Skill Question.

Can you get the skill Brutality (Ruthlessness) on Blademaster Relic Weapons/Armor?
I have only ever seen it on Relic Gunner equipment, am I just unlucky or does it only show up on Gunner stuff?

(I know the skill pops up on stuff like Teostra armor, this question is aimed at Relic Equipment Only!)

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Berkel - Aug 3, 2015 09:14

You're not unlucky.
It does only show up on Gunner pieces.
I'm actually not sure if you can get it on helmets, but logically you should be able to get a +5 Brutality helmet. Can't say I've seen one though, so I might be completely wrong here.
Weapon/Torso/Waist/Arms/Legs with Brutality are gunner only.

If you want Brutality on a Blademaster set you're gonna have to work with EX Rathalos, Dragon X and a Charm (preferably with +4)

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PhoenixThank you for the quick response Berkel.

Aug 3, 2015 16:41