Jam_Crumpet - Aug 10, 2015 01:04

Does Pierce or Pellet shot receive the same benefits as status etc.?

When it comes to rapid fire, you get 2-5 times the shots for the cost of one, seems pretty crazy right? Well the catch is each individual bullet does less damage, something like 70% im not sure on the specifics.
You may hear gunners talk about the greatness of rapid fire status, or even crag/clust shots. This is because only the FIRST hit has the damage reduction, all the status shots, crag and clust do more than one hit, the initial impact shot damage, then the status/crag/clust bomblets, they all do 100% damage effectively doubling your shots!
I know this, but the one thing I never questioned in all these years....
What about pierce? The pierce hits multiple times right, so does that mean all the other hits, 2 for lvl1 and so on do the full damage? I just noticed an OLD bowgun in my MH4U chest I never got round to upgrading, it can go into the yian garuga LBG which rapid fires pierce 2, its probably terrible and useless to me at late high early G but it got me thinking.
And what of pellet? it shoots several pellet shots at once, does only one of these shots get reduced damage?

Thanks in advance!

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Berkel - Aug 10, 2015 17:43

Raw and element all get reduced when rapid fired.
The actual reduction differs per shot type. For example, RF Dragon has a smaller reduction of raw and element in comparison with any other RF element and a Rapid Fired shot of Normal 1 has a smaller raw reduction than RF Normal 2. This is based on the shot itself and not the gun.

So your initial understanding is slightly wrong. It has nothing to do with first hits, but there is simply an overall damage reduction, except, for whatever reason, status and the explosions from Crag/Clust do not get a penalty. Very possibly because those values are static and not affected by the raw of your gun.

As such, a Rapid Fired Pierce S will have less raw per individual hit, be it the first or the last. Same deal with Pellet S.
RF Pierce or Pellet is a pretty bad idea as a whole anyway. There isn't a gun that has a 'Low' wait time after those shots, so you'll be locked in place for a dangerously long time (unlike the 3-shot RF element, which allows you to move immediately after shooting). On top of that raw LBG is pretty poor as a whole. Raw shot damage calculation uses the displayed raw of your weapon (the number you see in your status screen), rather than the true raw (the number you'd get after dividing by class modifier). As such, HBGs have a massive raw advantage that really can't be compensated for by Rapid Fired shots.

Sadly, I cannot find a 4G/U table for the reduced values on Rapid Fired shots, so that data comes from 3G/U.

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Phoenixhttp://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/762804-monster-hunter-4-ultimate/faqs/71429 (This shows a full chart for rapid modifiers lower on the page.)

Aug 10, 2015 18:12

Jam_CrumpetOh, thanks for the insight! all this time I thought it was a set damage reduction for all shots other than status.

Aug 11, 2015 00:44