MrSmith - Aug 14, 2015 17:44

The awesome rainbow armour pigment?

I have just finished all of the 1-9 star quests in single player. Now i can finally go on the last mission and get the infamous rainbow pigment, but im pretty sure my equipment isn't up to stuff. The best set i have at the moment is a golden rathain set. My two mains are insect glaive and SnS. I wanted to ask, what armour set should i get, and what weapon i should use to fight against the zinogre, rajang, and S. Mangala.

P.s. I just got to G1

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Berkel - Aug 14, 2015 18:31

Golden Lune is a farming set and hardly what you'd use on a difficult quest.

Both armor and weapon wise you should use something that you can effectively use to kill Rajang. It is by far the most dangerous thing on that particular quest.
Something with Tremor Res and some form of Earplugs would be ideal, as monkey has a lot of openings if you run Tremor Res and the initial part of the quest has both Rajang and Zinogre at the same time, you don't want to be stunned by a roar during that time.

There's basically two 'easy' ways of going about this.
One, pop a Smoke Bomb the moment you enter the area and engage one monster at a time, while keeping your smokescreen up.
Two, abuse the fact that Rajang deals hilarious amounts of damage to Zin with every single one of its attacks, including the giant beam. Chug a Mega Dash Juice, run around like a retard, while avoiding corners like the plague, and have Rajang literally do all the killing for you.

Once one of the monsters is dead, you only have to deal with a single monster in a single area. A monster you've already fought before and one that has been worn down by whatever attacks it ate from either your cats (if you brought them) or stray attacks from its buddy.

Both mountstick and sword'n'board are pretty solid options for any of the three monsters. Element-wise go for either fire/dragon if you fear Shaggy, or ice for Monkey. Prioritize raw over element though, so you get the most out of every monster.
Eating for Moxie may or may not be worth it.

Using either of these strategies turns the fight into a one-on-one fight, which is probably a bit more manageable than a Zin+Rajang funfest.
Good luck.

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MrSmithThanks a bunch, i won't attempt it yet until i get a more offensive set of armour. Thanks again

Aug 15, 2015 05:06