MrSmith - Aug 15, 2015 15:01

Guild quests?

I know that you level up guild quests by just doing them. But i thought the max level for all of them is 120. Currently i havent been doing G rank expeditions because they kick my ass. So, how to i get a guild quest to level 120+

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Philsaegan Backer - Aug 15, 2015 16:20

The max level for a Guild Quest is 140. Judging from your previous question about the "What's the hardest Transition", you're barely scratched G-rank. To get higher levels, you yourself need to higher (up to G-permit). So you'll need to go through the Elder Hall to even touch 126+.

Here's the transition if I remember correctly. (I won't go to Low/High rank because I can't remember)

LVL Range -- Requirements -- Lvl gain per success

136 ~ 140 -- G-permit (G3+) -- 1 per win
This will be where the Pain Train stops at Frown Town. Apex/Frenzied is almost guaranteed, and 700+ def is recommended. But you can get Beshackled goodies here, whether success or just mining in Treasure Area.

126 ~ 135 -- G-permit (G3+) -- 1 per win
I haven't seen Apex in this range, but Frenzied is a definite possibility. Champion's gear is most frequented.

98 ~ 125 -- G1 (?)(no idea) -- 3 per win
Grind your life away. I've barely seen Champion's here at all.

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MrSmithThanks a bunch, i guess i have just started the true difficulty of monster hunter.

Aug 15, 2015 19:19