Gear_Lock Backer - Aug 15, 2015 17:10

MH4U Set Builders & Most used Mixed-sets?

Thanks to some helpful chaps here on Teamwork and steady grinding, I've now entered the world of Apexes and G3. Only issue I'm currently struggling and see often on MH forums/chat is whether or not to invest in some mixed sets or one said set (ex. Star Knight, etc.). Granted I've never really tried mixed sets due to aesthetics reasons but hey!: this is Monster Hunter. Looks only take up a minor 5% of what makes you a TRUE Hunter

(The rest is experience...and luck)

As far as I've heard from fellow Hunters, Athene's set builder seems to be the only "good" set builder when it comes to skill-building, etc., but are there any other armor set builders out there? And if so, how do you use them to determine what you want, yadda yadda?

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Berkel - Aug 15, 2015 20:33

As far as I know the ASS is the only one that searches for you.
There's plenty of 'armor set builders', but you generally just select the pieces of armor you want, rather than the skills you want.

Just download the program, add whatever cool/useful charms and/or Relic gear you have, select the skills you'd like and let it run.
Current version even has armor previews, so you can easily select the least (or most) clowny suit.

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