MrSmith - Aug 15, 2015 19:29

Unity points?

I know that the VE tickets are tied to unity points. Currently
I have 148, what does this number represent, and how does it increase?

Best Answer

Berkel - Aug 15, 2015 20:25

There's 4 of these Unity-bound Tickets: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cosmic. The level of tickets you can receive is dependent on the level of Guild Card you have (which, in turn, is affected by the amount of different quests you have done).
Every 25 Unity you receive one ticket, starting with Bronze, going all the way up to Cosmic and going back to Bronze when you get the next 25. If your GC level isn't high enough the string will reset earlier.
Trade these tickets in at the Veggie Elder for rare(r) monster drops, with Cosmics trading for some Mantles/Palliums.
Unity increases when you play with people whose Guild Cards you have received (it actually doesn't matter if they don't have yours, but it's only polite to exchange them). Maximum listed Unity is 999.99 per GC, but it will still increase past that, even though you don't see it.

The regular VE Tickets are linked to the amount of quests you've done, i.e. you get a set of two every X quests. You can also trade them in at the Veggie Elder, except you basically get junk from them. Best is Max Potions, I think? Generally not worth it.
VE Deluxe tickets can be traded for stuff as well, most notably for Slickaxes (in the Everwoods).

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