MrSmith - Aug 15, 2015 19:36


I know that the slime blight changed properties since mh3, what is this blight damage used for against monsters. All i see is a big explosion after i hit a part enough, does it deal a good amount of damage, and does it matter on how much slime blight the weapon has to damage a monster?

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Phoenix - Aug 15, 2015 20:33

Slime/Blast Blight has not changed from 3U to 4U. What they did was give weapons less slime and changed some of the monster tolerances.

The monster you fight determines how much damage they will take. (EX: Molten Tigrex will only take 50 damage from an explosion, whereas Dalamadur will take 300 damage.)

To get into how slime works, it is like a status. The number on the weapon determiners how much slime will be applied each time it perks.

EX: Your weapon has 100 Slime, each hit will add 10 slime each time it perks to the monster. Gore has an initial tolerance of 70, so when your slime perks 7 times it will trigger the explosion on the 7th hit.

( ) This will show the tolerance and damage for each monster.

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Berkel - Aug 15, 2015 20:29

Slime/Blastblight is essentially the same as it was in 3U, except that the visual effect has changed (for the worse, IMO, a lot less noticeable when the blast is going to go off) and that the damage has generally been reduced (though it's still significant on quite a few monsters).

Blast is still a solid pick, but it's no longer the easy choice it used to be.

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