MrSmith - Aug 15, 2015 19:40

Ancient shard weapons(vulcanis, tusk gear)?

Is it worth the resources to upgrade these weapons, and use them?

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Philsaegan Backer - Aug 15, 2015 23:31

What you've just listed, [Vulcanis] and [Tusk Gear], are actually the Crystal Weapons. Those are mostly just for your own sake of aesthetics, but they're fairly worthless, in my opinion. Let others say what they will.
Ancient Weapons are usually called "Worn [Insert Class]"
Rust Weapons are called "Rusted [Insert Class]" (hence the name)

Those are definitely worth the effort since some of them actually evolve/deviate from the original path of Worn/Rust. Some can go into the Teostra weaponry (EX: Worn Sword and Shield); Some goes to the Kushala (EX: Worn Gunlance)

Be sure to check either or MH Wiki to know what kind of weapon you'll get from the shards.

Random Fact: The Crystal Switch Axe (SA) was probably the earliest accessible Dragon-damage Switch Axe you could get in Monster Hunter Tri (Other consisting of Jho and Alatreon). However, ever since P3rd and recent games, there are more Dragon Switch Axes, so the Crystal SA lost all value besides its design appeal.

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MrSmithI have all of the rusted variants of SnS, they are all really good

Aug 15, 2015 23:34