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I was wondering what each blight does to you once it affects you.

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Philsaegan Backer - Aug 15, 2015 23:57

I guess I'll just list all the Blights you can receive.
Note: [HEALTH] is the inclusion of both the Green Bar and Red Bar of your HP.

Blights: Mostly affected by your armor set's Elemental Resistance. All values below +10 may give you either Weak Blight or Strong Blight (depends on Monster's attack. EX: Without any resistance points, taking a faceshot from Rathalos' fireball will give you Strong Blight. Walking into the Fireball aftermath, with flames on ground, will give you Weak Blight)

- Fire Blight: While affected, constantly lose [HEALTH]. The stronger the blight, the faster the rate of loss.
- Water Blight: Slows your recovery rate of [STAMINA]. Stronger blight will last longer.
- Ice Blight: Increases your rate of [STAMINA] consumption. Stronger will last longer. (Mostly affects running, riding. Does nothing to dodging or blocking)
- Thunder Blight: Increases your chances of being Stunned. Stronger blights mean higher chance. (I'm not sure about this one. But it's very noticeable with Lagiacrus in MH3U)
- Dragon Blight: Lose your weapon's Elemental/Status damage. Stronger Blight means longer duration of Blight. (Affects Elemental/Status Shots for Bowguns. Unsure about Kinsect)

Cure / Prevention
1. Nulberries / Portable Steam Bombs - They will cure your Blight once activated.
2. +20 Resistance: You will never contact that Blight of the corresponding +20 Resistance. (+20 Fire Res means no Fire Blight whatsoever.) Note that +10 will only prevent normally-given Weak Blights. Attacks that normally give Strong Blight will be reduced to Weak Blights.
3. Armor skill: Blightproof. Regardless of your Resistance Level, you will NEVER contact a Blight.
4. Roll - Unless Fire Blight, this is probably your last resort since it suggests unpreparedness. Around 14~20 (forgot actual number) will remove any Blight, regardless of strength. Fire Blight only takes 3 rolls on normal ground, 2 on normal ground iif with Felyne Groomer, and 1 if rolling in water.

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MrSmithThanks, must have been a pain to write all that out.

Aug 16, 2015 00:37

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