MrSmith - Aug 16, 2015 03:41

Poison weapons?

I'm not entirly sure on all of the effects that poison blight does against monsters. All i know is that it weakings the kushla doara strong winds.

Best Answer

Berkel - Aug 16, 2015 08:15

Poison inflicts itself like every other status. Once a monster is poisoned they'll take a set amount of damage over a period of time. Both the damage and the time it takes is dependent on the monster you poison.
Kushala takes 240 damage, but it takes a full 120 seconds for it to work, which is actually useful here due to it negating the strongest winds.
On the other hand a Great Jaggi takes 150 damage over the course of 30 seconds. Meaning you can re-inflict your status sooner than with Kushala and you can rack up more damage from the poison.

The effect on Kushala is a remnant of earlier MH games. It used to have a similar effect on Teostra (and Lunastra) where it would negate their burning aura whenever they were poisoned. Except that barely matters in 4U because the moment Teo gets mad his burning aura disappears and you get the whole Blast thing going on.
For every other monster it has no added effect. Unless you count Garuga being flat out immune to being poisoned.

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