Brendan - Aug 16, 2015 04:10

Rebellion Z, Hot or Not?

Hello Hunters!

I have been debating whether or not to make the Shah Dalamadur armor set (Rebellion Z), and its because of a little OCD on my part - I feel the need to make a weapon or armor set that is directly or closely related to the armor or weapon that I have (eg. if I have the Helios armor, I have the need to make a Ceadeus weapon etc.) - . The Shah weapon I have is the Insect Glaive and I am loving it, hence why I am asking this question.

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Berkel - Aug 16, 2015 08:08

As a full set, Rebellion Z is pretty damn bad.
Punish Draw is completely outclassed by Sheath Control, a skill that has some really solid synergy with Handicraft due to Kaiser X chest being ridiculously good.
FreeElement isn't bad per say, but there's usually a better option instead. +5 Arcana relic gear exists, and Enlightened Blade is just a bit better, but depending on whatever else you want on your set it's not always the best solution.
Status Res is okay at best. It doesn't block Blast Blight, which is by far the most annoying status effect and the other effects are an annoyance at best (para sucks, but it's exceedingly rare on dangerous large monsters) and Portable Steam Bombs fix all status and more to boot.
Critical Eye-2 is only a drop of 10% (so a 2,5% raw loss, on average), but that's still a drop in exchange for no real good skills.

On top of all this, none of these skills are a benefit to the Dala stick. Hell, it's literally one of the two Dala weapons that does not need Awakening.

Make the helmet if you need +3 Edgemaster and don't have a more useful Relic, but otherwise I'd completely ignore this set. They didn't even try to make it useful, especially considering the Shah grind.

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MrSmith - Aug 16, 2015 04:40

For me personally, i just find weapons that have the same color pallet. I dont really go out of my way to just get a set of armour because it would match with the weapon. But its really
up to you to make the grind. But i say its not worth it.

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