MrSmith - Aug 17, 2015 16:02

Charge blade?

After a lot more practice with the charge blade, i began to craft and upgrade all of the charge blades that i can(i'm G1). And after a bit, i was wanting a general opinion of a couple charge blades that i should invest in upgrading fully.

Best Answer

Phoenix - Aug 17, 2015 17:04

Desert Rose - Tigerstripe Zamtrios. Good Para CB that is not to hard to make. (Mix with Status Attack +2, S+1, and Artillery (X))

Chernobog's Scythe - Shrouded Nerscylla. Puts the monster to sleep so you can ultra burst the face no problem. (Mix With Status Attack +2, Status Crit, S+1, Load Up, and Artillery (X))

Lightbreak C. Blade - Brachy. Good raw, Blast, Sharpness, and Impact. (Mix with S+1, Bombardier, and anything else you can get)

Finally my personal favorite, The Akantor Severance. Highest Raw CB in the game after the attack hone (Including Relics). So this means that it has the strongest phial bursts in the game. (Mix with AuXL, ESP, and Artillery (X) to get a spam happy CB).

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