Biscotti - Aug 18, 2015 03:22

Shepard's "troll" SA-armor set from many years ago

Hey guys, this is a very weird question for those of you who follow the podcast thoroughly. I remember watching Shepard showing an armor sets with quite a few negative skills and SA and subtitled it "Troll set" in jest.

This was in MHP3rd I believe. Any idea what that set was/which episode of the MHP it was from?

I want to use a similar set but in a group of 4 using such a set! This is to add extra challenge and to make one hell of a memorable hunt like this guy:

Thanks in advance!

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Phoenix - Aug 21, 2015 16:12

Maybe the one you are thinking of was Mazereon's Troll set with Item Use Down, Blunt Edge, Slow Sharpening, and Recovery Speed Down -1. Monster Hunter Video Podcast #45 around 28:15.

Also just a side note, if this was P3rd the set name can't be "Troll set" do to P3rd having a six character limit for naming sets.

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Yeah I vaguely remembered it and imagined it to say "Troll set" instead of just "troll" as the set name.

Aug 23, 2015 01:58

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FrostAether - Aug 19, 2015 11:37

April Fool's Episode 33

Diablos SA
Wroggi Helm/Cap
Pumpkin Chest
Peco Gloves
Bnahabra Tasset
Peco Legs

No Skills

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Don_Quixote"No Skills"-Yeah, that's Shep with a Switch Axe all right. ;)

Aug 20, 2015 17:56

MrSmithHahaha, he is a scrub lord

Aug 20, 2015 18:03

BiscottiYeah I guess that's something alright.....but sadly not the set I was looking for.
There was a distinct set which Shepard showed a screenshot of in MHP3rd which had multiple negative skills like Slow Eating, Blind Eye and a bunch more.
The text was in English so I assume it was either Krystian/Nick who took the screenshot originally.

The screenshot showed the set name literally "TROLL SET."

Aug 20, 2015 22:56

FrostAetherI don't remember seeing that at all :/

Aug 21, 2015 06:19