MrSmith - Aug 20, 2015 18:05

What is the point of palicos?

I just see palicos as cannon fodder and just overall, useless. Am i doing something wrong?

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Biscotti - Aug 20, 2015 22:47

In MH4U, you can customize what skills your main palico can have (and select a 2nd preset palico).
Scroll under "Forte Types" here:

As you can see, a 5-healing Forte can restore your health, cure poison and so on. You can mix and match stuff like 3 healing 2 thief and so on (just follow the tables if you need).
5-Theif Forte Palico can sometimes swipe rare materials from monsters as you fight (I remember my first Large Elder Dragon Gem was from a Theif Palico).
5-Forte Gathering Palico can gather materials with you on Mining runs so you get extra armor spheres/Allfire stones etc.
4-Forte Support Palico can set shock traps multiple times during a fight (although often at very bad places and at bad times).
These are the most useful Palicos. Other than the obvious damage boost in solo/ duo online, Palicos with Hearing skill can hit you and snap you out of Roars and much more. Bombing Palicos get quite a bit of flinches too.

In general, MH4U Palico's are super intelligent and should not be brushed off easily. However, they can be a nuisance for weapons like Gunlance/Lance since you generally want the monster to be near you. If you want them to get close to you, simply open Menu and press X to ping. Also, make sure the Palico wears a helm that makes it likely to target Large monsters before smaller ones; they will generally not pull the monster away from you this way.

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Berkel - Aug 20, 2015 20:58

With some decent equipment and enough levels they can actually serve as a half-decent distraction, especially in Low and High Rank.
Be sure to set your 2nd stringers in such a way that you get the Palico skills you want and pick a combination skill you actually like.

They do feel significantly worse than the P3rd Felynes and the Shakas from 3U. Certainly more useful than FU's garbage Felynes.

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