-Dante- - Aug 29, 2015 00:47

Escaping from monsters

This is part question and part contribution. I have heard that throwing a poo bomb at monsters while they are grabing you does not count as an escape towards the guild card award. I have been solely throwing poo bombs for a while now and I have not gotten it yet. I am trying to prove it one way or the other.

Does anyone already know for Fact the answer to this conundrum? The reason for my quest is that I do not want to break my 3ds from the button mashing.

Best Answer

Berkel - Aug 29, 2015 08:29

As far as I know using a Dung Bomb does not count towards escaping from the pin.

Eat for Felyne Slider, I believe, to speed up your escape and stick to the lowest possible rank. Pins are far easier to escape in Low Rank than in G Rank, and let's not even begin about escaping 140 Guild Quests pins without some poo.

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