Gear_Lock Backer - Sep 5, 2015 13:58

Are glowing Relics rare? [Color, GQ Level, etc.]

Story goes like this:

During a Guild Quest marathon this past week, I farmed quite a few Relics from certain monsters and have noticed a couple of them were--quote on quote--"glowing". The weapons themselves aren't exactly rare or anything, (ex. Jhen Morhan SnS with Lightning element, etc.), but the colors reminded me of when a Hunter has honed their weapon for Attack/Defense/Life after completing the Apex Seregios quest. As of now, I own three glowing weapons, the first being the Jhen SnS that glows/radiates a bright yellow when idle, and two Garuga Dual Blades that shine blue and purple

Being somewhat new to Relic hunting, are glowing Relics that rare of a drop when it comes to your associated GQ? Or are there even more bizarre additions as you further its level?

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Berkel - Sep 5, 2015 20:24

I'm fairly certain that it's the Rare 10 relics that glow in a particular colour.
So in that sense they're indeed rarer than the vast majority of the rest of the relics, as those can only come from Beshackled weapons. However it is in no way an indication of how good said relic is (if I had a dollar for every Rare 10 relic that was subpar...).

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-Dante-Also, besides trying to guess how rare something is, take a look at the stats very carefully. If you are unsure, just take it because you can always get rid of it later so theres no point in throwing it away if you are on the fence. Usually the deal breaker is affinity. I have found high attack weapons but they had -45% affinity. I still keep them in case I am using an armor set with Expert on it, but generally it is too steep a defect. Just dont polish relics till you know it is good so that you dont waste materials.

Sep 9, 2015 17:26

BerkelThere's only a handful of 'best' stats though. The weapons with the highest raw will always have negative affinity (-25% for most and -15% for LS/DS, IIRC) and when upgrading will only upgrade that affinity. Similar deal with sharpness patterns, GL shot levels, HH songs (I sure hope you didn't want Purple-Light Blue-Red on a max raw natural purple horn, because it doesn't exist), Bowgun load-outs and Bow shot levels, arc shot/power shot and available coatings.
Might be less of a deal at the start, but once you're going for the good stuff you'll find that you get a lot of garbage.
The wiki I use for Relic stats is this one ( ), it's in Japanese and there's undoubtedly more wikis that have it, but it's easy enough to navigate.

Sep 10, 2015 08:20