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johnnoob - Nov 9, 2015 22:54

Do you need a Japanese New 3DS in order to play MHX?

I have a Japanese 3DS and thinking about buying the game. However I will wait for an English release if the game is only playable on a New 3DS.

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MrPictastic - Nov 10, 2015 05:53

No MHX will be playable on all 3DS models the only thing you would have to consider is that the "new" 3DS is going to load things much faster and have a built in "c" stick to control the camera.

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Gear_Lock Backer - Nov 10, 2015 14:59

As far as I could see from the Capcom demo presentations, MHX will be playable on all 3DS models. MrPictastic is correct when the only thing to consider with a N3DS is the faster loading times and dual C-stick, enabling it to act separately as a Circle Pad Pro. Other than that, you should be in the clear to play once it hits Japanese stores/Eshop

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Gear_LockForewarning (even though it's WAY too late to edit this): if you own an O3DS compared to a N3DS, you will notice a huge slowdown in some areas of X/Gen than you would with a N3DS. Cerain parts of a map will cause lag online and with certain weapons piliing on DPS, the screen can lose framerate. You can either solve this problem by disabling the 3D function within X/Gen on a O3DS or alternatively do the same on a N3DS. Imported X back when it was announced and sadly experienced these slowdowns on a O3DS

May 27, 2016 23:31