-Dante- - Dec 3, 2015 20:40

Online community going downhill?

Recently I have noticed a bunch of players I meet online being very rude to other players, and expecting everybody to be perfect players. I feel like I am in a MLG clan. One guy had Felyne Heroics and when he was almost dead, I used a life powder. The guy exploded in anger. Do people really expect me to read their status before questing? I am just trying to have fun, but for now I have switched to solo only. Also, I am hr 130 so I am not a new player, just a frustrated one :(

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johnnoob - Dec 7, 2015 21:55

I haven't been playing the game as of late due to school and finals however I have a theory as to why it seems this way. The amount of people who play Monster Hunter has increase following the release of MH4U, heck maybe even before that. With the increase in players there are bound to be more of those people who play like assholes. Also as times goes on the amount of people who played the game for fun have move on to other games. Also it doesn't help that the communication capabilities of the 3DS are very limited so if someone is being stupid is hard to call them out.

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